Is it awkward too...

Call a client and ask what the tradesman that you recommend discovered. A couple weeks ago I recommend a SE on a home that already had structural repairs. There was still cracking and a window frame that was grossly out of plumb. I told him the repairs look old and the cracks look newer and that he should have an SE evaluate blah blah blah.

I want to know what the SE said. Is it awkward to call him and ask?

Yes this could be none of your business .
I would not do it ,if the information is offered I would thank them and except the info .

Not at all. It will serve you a couple purposes (for referrals in general)
1- A nice follow up, shows the client you care.
3- Insuring the client was happy with the person you referred and if the tradesman/specialist is worth referring more.

I try to check up on my referrals after they finished their work.

On the flip side, if the specialist bashed you, you might be in it for a little blushing.

If it’s too award, why not call the tradesman directly?

Valid point. Not what I wanted to hear but I had thought this as well.

Anybody oppose this?

I follow up with clients all of the time. Just good business.

I often say to the clients (as I’m giving them a summary at the end of the inspection), “I’d be very interested in hearing what the [specialist] has to say about this condition. Would you mind forwarding me the report/comments/repair-order/etc?”

Additionally, when they are using my referrals (contractors, engineers, etc.), I let them know that I will be inquiring as to their findings unless they have an objection.

Most of my referrals know to just copy me on all items/conditions that I have referred them to.

Besides being “good business,” having this information will help you grow your knowledge base. If you’ve never followed up on your recommendations, how will you ever know how they may need to be “adjusted?”

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Well I called him

He said the SE said the cracks were old and the structural repairs were doing their job. He said he was happy he had the SE go out though because he knew for sure the house wouldn’t fall down. Interestingly enough though, he couldn’t get a loan because of the appraisal. I reminded him that if he needed another inspection I would give him a good discount. It was a good chance to market.

Dang. I should have asked him.

Good relationship with the Engineers is part of the Marketing you should be doing.
As for plumbers I don’t know what the problem is with some!:wink:

I try to avoid following up on my recommendations. I see the point of learning by making a follow up call on issues but at the same time it is like opening a can of worms. Plus, if there was a genuine problem with your recommendation (God forbid), you will most likely get a call from your client anyways – so you will learn from that experience :slight_smile:

This is my position as of today, maybe once I have done a 1000 inspections, I will probably start doing things differently :slight_smile:

I don’t understand. Why would your number of performed inspections change your answer. Or do just mean in general you might change the way you things over time?

Yes Juan, I meant in general :slight_smile:

I sometimes call.
It is a good way to confirm what you thought, learn,get prices,see how the client is doing,etc.
The above assumes you have a good relationship with your client.

I always do. My mentor told me that you have 3 hours to become friends with your clients. Friends are LESS likely to sue you :mrgreen:

Well this should open up a whole new discussion. Why a “good discount”?

I don’t really care to discuss that with you guys. It’s pointless.

Feel free to spin your wheels about it though

Absolutely! For all the reasons Will just brought up. I would not call the other professional. They will likely not share the information with you, just like you wouldn’t share with them, unless you have prior permission. I also would not refer to structural engineers a tradeperson

Juan, I follow up with nearly all referals. i want to maker certain my client was happy, and if so i will continue to refer whoever else provided good work/service, if i hear bad things all the time, i quit refering that person, it reflects back on me.

Instead of asking what he said, if you feel awkward, just call and say you’re checking up to see how it went, they’ll tell you everything you need to know, just gear your question toward checking on your client for good service etc… they will volenteer details.

I like that. I am very awkward on the phone. My secretary starts this monday.(my wife) :mrgreen::mrgreen: