Is it just my imagination...

Personally 90% of the return I get as being a member came directly from this message board. Some of the education courses are OK, but I’ve learned a great deal more right here from very experienced inspectors and other trade professionals, electrical, roofing, etc.

Many of these professionals no longer, or rarely, post here. Including a few well respected Nachi lifetime members.

Earlier this year I witnessed 2 longtime members being “kicked out” of Nachi for disagreeing with the powers that be over an issue regarding a new Nachi benefit. That being engineers we could call directly from an inspection site. Which recently I’ve heard nothing more about.

Also, earlier this year, a few threads about a vendor putting pressure on another longtime respected member mysteriously disappeared.

These were very important issues to me.

Then when the MB went into the moderation mode and things really started slowing down, and many I use to count on were not here anymore, I realized the times were a changin’ and there were other resources I can use to spend my valuable time.

Nothing personal Mario, hopefully you’re still my brother and one I very much respect.

Moderation is like using an umbrella. You can spit but you won’t get wet…

I added 3 posts to “This is not a test” around 10 this AM. I just looked at the same post at 5:30. This is over a 7 hour delay getting the information to a member. I really don’t see how this is helping the board.

Maybe those that were causing all the perceived trouble could have been warned or if needed banned. IMO it certainly took too long to remove one poster who has already made a reappearence.

Well, this could turn out to be a good thing.

There were many who said that NACHI did not really exist outside of the message board. Now that we have obviously entered the “Post Message Board” era, we can see if that is true or not.

The “new NACHI” appears to be in the process of recreating itself as a “college” of sort…primarily as an educational resource. As such, the much controlled (and multi-author written and proofed) blog entries go further to support that than does a message board, anyway.

This message board contains the true history of NACHI…which apparently does not fit in well with the new image that it wants to create for itself. Perhaps the slow death of the message board is more by design than by accident.

Time will tell.


I can’t tell if you’re cheer leading, putting lipstick on a pig or apologizing.:roll:

Just observing.

We all can see how the board has dwindled. Earlier today, I looked at the ten most recent posts and they were 70 minutes apart. It was not too many days ago…perhaps, the day before moderating started…that you would never see it take 70 minutes for 10 posts.

When I say “we can all see”, I mean exactly that. Since the response to the dying message board (“suicide” by way of moderator) has been to increase the number of co-written articles for the NACHI blog…I present the hypothesis that the “new NACHI” wants not to be linked to the history that the message board reflects.

Time will tell if this is true and if this is good or bad.

If you don’t like it, then join. You can post as often as you like, say what you like, and it will be posted immediately.

InterNACHI - International Academical College of Home Inspectors ???

Yes, I could join. However, all the extraneous requirements for someone that does not do, nor have any interest in performing inspections would not add anything to my field of knowledge and would take too much time in order to comply with the membership rules.

I starting trying to contribute here to add a voice from the other side of the inspection and so that others could perform inspections with more knowledge.

PS, yes I took the test and scored a 93.

[FONT=Verdana]James, I’m in agreement with most of what you say, with the exception of the bashing, more specifically, “deserves to be bashed”. Now, if you had said “constructive criticism”, than I would have been in 100% agreement. Nobody should have the right to bash a NACHI member or our association. Is NACHI perfect?..NO. Can we be better as an association?..YES. The fact that we are not “perfect” as an association does not give the right to a non-member to bash us. We have a long list of posts that will never be allowed to make it to the MB for that reason alone. If the posts were in some way constructive along with the criticism than as Nick would say, we would use that negative post to plug up the holes in our association.


I will ask Chris M. (our IT guy) to give you special status. This would allow you to make posts here on our MB without being moderated. I will keep you informed.

Mario…“bashing” is a relative term.

Does Nick use this message board to “bash” another association which has many members that ALSO belong to NACHI by calling it a “diploma mill”, or is it simply his sincere commitment to encourage that association to do what Nick thinks is right? Nick has his perspective…ASHI members have theirs.

So Nick takes shots at ASHI on a regular basis…and has his robots filtering out the responses from Dan Harris and others. For what purpose? To save us?

Censorship will kill this message board, Mario. It has already weakened it…perhaps beyond repair. We won’t know until we can get these so-called “moderators” to open up the board to all posts from all non-banned members on a real time basis.


I’m sorry that you left NACHI. Your contribution to this MB was invaluable to all. Personally, I enjoyed reading your posts as I do now. I hope one day you have a change of heart and re-join. BTW John was muscled as a vendor and I agree it was wrong but John is still a member!


Can you please point out where I said it was my MB?

I’m a full time inspector Jeff, I don’t have the luxury of having a pay cheque from a Government entity as you and some others do. I can’t afford to have NACHI or my name smeared by some MF non-member as it has in the past.
BTW As you know, non-members can only post on “open to the public” sections of OUR MB, therefore, you should care what the public reads on OUR MB. It’s a direct reflection of our professionalism, especially the inspectors that are full-time without other sources of income I might add.

Tumbleweed? Maybe so, but my phone is ringing off the hook brother!

I agree, Nick has “bashed” ASHI every chance he had about how fast someone could join, without so much as an entrance exam. Guess what James; ASHI now has an entrance exam! They finally realized that Nick was correct in his graphic description (Diploma Mill) of ASHI! You will not see another post from Nick bashing ASHI, at least not for their entrance requirements. Look what happened with NAHI, their code of ethics changed with regards to repairs. WHY? Because of people like Nick and you James! You call it bashing, I call it “constructive” criticism!

No they don’t. That was an April Fools joke, Mario. ASHI’s requirements remain the same today as they as have always been.

I guess the joke is on ASHI!

BTW Nick has never singled out an ASHI inspector, only ASHI policy.

But he has.

I was one of them. I’ll search for the thread…it may have been deleted.

It’s okay, though. I got my licks in.

…and nothing positive has come from Nick’s bashings…yet, those responding to those bashings will be denied access by you and other moderators who impose your will on what you think is best for the rest of us to read.

That is what we are objecting to.

I love you, Mario…but we will not see eye-to-eye on this issue.