Is it possible to transfer license to another state?

So, I may be moving to NC from NJ. Does anyone know the regulations on licensing? I have looked online but can’t find anything on the NC gov site about it. It only has information about new license, requiring a course, hours of field training etc… I’ve already been licensed and working steady for over a year 7-9 a week. Can I just sit for the test? Any information on the process in NC would be great. Thanks

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I would call and or email them, go to the source.

No your NJ license will not “transfer” NC. To obtain your license in NC you must submit an application and sit for and pass the NC exam. They may accept your time as a home inspector as equilvant experience but it is up to the application committee to make that decision.

Here is the section from the NC State Statute for the requirements

§ 143-151.51. Requirements to be licensed as a home inspector.
(a) Licensure Eligibility. – To be eligible to be licensed as a home inspector, an applicant must do all of the
(1) Submit a completed application to the Board upon a form provided by the Board.
(2) Pass a licensing examination prescribed by the Board.
(3) Repealed by Session Law 2009-509, s. 2.2, effective October 1, 2011.
October 1, 2018
NC Home Inspector Licensure Board
NC General Statutes and NC Administrative Code
Page 7 of 40
(4) Pay the applicable fees.
(5) Meet one of the following three conditions:
a. Have a high school diploma or its equivalent and satisfactorily complete an education program
approved by the Board. The program must be completed within three years of the date the
applicant submits an application for licensure under this section.
b. Have education and experience the Board considers to be equivalent to that required by
sub-subdivision a. of this subdivision.
c. Be licensed for at least six months as a general contractor under Article 1 of Chapter 87 of the
General Statutes, as an architect under Chapter 83A of the General Statutes, or as a professional
engineer under Chapter 89C of the General Statutes. A person qualifying under this
sub-subdivision on or after October 1, 2011, must remain in good standing with the person’s
respective licensing board

(a) The Board shall consider equivalent experience of applicants who do not meet the experience requirements of GS
143-151.51(5)(a). Any one of the following descriptions of experience shall be considered sufficient to meet the equivalent
experience requirements:
(1) A bachelor of science degree from any engineering, architecture or building technology school and two years
experience working in building design, construction, or inspection of building, electrical, mechanical, and
plumbing systems.
(2) A two year Associate of Applied Science degree from a community college or technical school in building
technology, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or architecture; and either four
years of design experience in building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems, or four years experience
as an employee who works under the direct supervision of a licensed general (residential or building)
contractor and who supervises electrical, mechanical, and plumbing subcontractors.
(3) Six years experience as an employee who works under the direct supervision of a licensed general contractor
(residential or building) performing building construction and who supervises electrical, mechanical, and
plumbing subcontractors.
(4) Certification by the North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board as a Code Enforcement Official with
Standard Level I (or higher) inspection certification in four areas: building, electrical, mechanical, and
(5) Any combination of certification listed in Paragraph (a)(4) of this Rule and a license as an electrical
contractor (limited or greater) issued by the NC Board of Electrical Examiners, or a license as a heating or
cooling contractor (H1, H2, or H3), or a plumbing contractor issued by the NC Board of Examiners of
Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractors, resulting in either a certificate or a license in four areas in
building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing contracting or inspections.
(b) Applicants may submit other experience in the design, installation, or inspection of buildings and electrical,
mechanical, and plumbing systems. The Board’s Application Evaluation Committee shall consider such experience on a
case-by-case basis.

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Thanks Ken,
I did see that on the site, but missed the equivalent experience part. I appreciate the help.

The other thing is you have to take the test at the Dept of Insurance offices in Raleigh. There are no other options. If this restricts or hampers your ability to take the test. Contact the Licensure Board Executive Director directly and express your concerns. Mike Hejduk, PE, MPA,, 919-647-0024