ISN Online Scheduler & Google Analytics

Hey all,

I was told today by ISN that they are looking at the possibilty of changing the online scheduler so that we will be able to use Google Analytics goals to track where the appointments are coming from (which isn’t currently possible because they use an iframe for the scheduler).

I wanted to mention it here in case there are others like me who would like to see this implemented; a show of hands might help to move the needle a bit…

Scott Brown
Brightside Home Inspections

Hey Scott, tell me your pipe dream here… do you want to just put your google analytics key in the Online Scheduler and let us take care of the hit or would you prefer to be able to paste in some markup/HTML from google?

What would you like?

I’ll make it happen even without a show of hands


Thanks, Chris

I would like someone to take care of it because I am afraid I don’t know exactly what you are talking about. Thanks, John

I think ISN doing it would make the most sense for everyone. Users would be confident it is implemented correctly and since the implementation would be standard for everyone it would have less impact on support if everyone does their own thing.

I second that!!

Hey Chris, Thanks for responding!

When you say,
“do you want to just put your google analytics key in the Online Scheduler and let us take care of the hit”…

If I was to say put my analytics key into the ISN settings, Would you be placing a universal analytics code on the iframe?

That sounds pretty good to me if that’s the case. Being able to track step by step and through the submission of the form and even payment would be a huge help.

Hey Scott, we discussed it in our developer meeting today and we assigned a few tasks to learn what we can track without knowing a lot about your setup in GA. I’ll know more in a few days and will circle back but I am targeting an “easy button” style setup: (a) put key in (b) push save © watch analytics


Thanks, Chris

Without blowing smoke… With this kind of responsiveness its easy to see why ISN is so good.


@all - who wants to try this out? We have it complete and we believe it is working 100% but we need to try it out in the real world!

Thanks, Chris

sign me up

Sign me up Chris!

If we can help… be glad to. Ya’all help us so much!

I’m up for trying it

I’m in. I don’t understand it, but I trust ISN.

Hey Chris, following back up on this…

Did you know they are selling your clients data?