Just poking my head in....

Hello Everyone,

Just finished some work I had to do online and figured I would pop in and say a mighty hello to my favorite people. Hope life is treating you all well and don’t forgot to visit the www.nema.org website to see where I will be visiting each month. Who knows I might be in your neighborhood and would love a burger and beer with you.

Ok everyone…I am off to enjoy the weekend and and then flying down to florida for the Florida Building Officials Conference in Orlando, FL . If any of you are there look for me, I will be the guy enjoying the event.

Paul, are you taking that pink thong with you this trip? :mrgreen:

hello Paul

Sure glad to hear all is well Thanks for dropping in . I wish you all the best .

Nice to hear from you Paul. Hope all is good. :slight_smile:

He has offered help to any InterNachi member. Just put him on your contacts.

Paul W. Abernathy

  • If you need me…call me.