Kansas City radio station doing 26 week show with InterNACHI on licensing.

InterNACHI is looking for a member who can do a radio show with a host on KCMO710 regarding home inspection licensing, how to recognize members of known diploma mill associations, how to find a qualified inspector, ancillary inspections, annual inspections, etc.

Anyone interested?

Speak up soon please.


Do we really need to go there?

This is your code name for ASHI.

Why not speak to the weakness of the bill and how it is actually anti-consumer.

Dont turn this into a “my association is better than your association” pi$$ing contest.

Back the claims with facts and figures.

Finish up with a sumptuous dessert of greed, control, and corruption between some realtors, builders, and (yes) inspectors.

Then name the lawmakers…

Joe writes:

Will do (easily).

Anyway, the guest is free to pick the topic he/she wants. We need some volunteers.

Anymore details such as Who is the Host and what day of the week.

26 weeks seems a little long for railing on this type of a subject or are they looking for an inspector call in show??

My brother-in-law owns a used appliance store. He used to do a radio show every Sunday morning on how to take care of appliances, what and what not to look for, etc. Lasted two months. 26 weeks if awful long. Perhaps being a sponsor of one. I did an inspection for one of the anouncers on 810 sports a few weeks ago. Nice guy.

Can the interviews be done by phone? I’m game.

I got ahold of the host tonight. He said yes Jim, you can do it all by phone and if you want, you can pre-record so you don’t have to give up every Saturday.

Email me and I’ll get you his contact info.

The show is called Dollars and Homes.

Right on Jim…damn I wish there was a way to hear it here…hell, I would schedule inspections around the talk show…!!!

26 weeks done by phone 26 different inspectors?

Even Dale could do it from Az.

Is this the right station, and if so, I believe you can listen in live.


Marcel :):smiley:

Go gitém Jim.

THis would be a good idea. Get different perspectives from different states. Kansas is new to licensing and, as such, could benefit from the perspective of non-licensed states and licensed states.

Also, so another point, from the perspective of states that are (for lack of a better term) ASHI ruled v.s. states that do not (any more) suffer from “association wars” like Illinois.

It would also be useful to see the differences between states that have tradesman and contractor licensing v.s. those who don’t.

I would be interested, if needed.

Hope this helps;

Questions & Thoughts -

Is the Radio Show host looking for a home inspector to do 1 show on a 26 week segment, OR is he looking for a home inspector to help host all 26 weeks??

About 12-14 years ago in KC the ASHI group looked into buying a 1 hr block of air time on AM talk radio on Sat AM’s. The radio station wanted a 26 week committment. Everybody thought it was a great idea, but it got real hard to get guys to commit to every Sat at a certain time - Seems like kids, family, holidays, illness or ??? kept coming up on that long a run.

Theirs was a call-in talk show and sometimes there was no callers - so we had to have back-up stuff, so the host could just talk AND it needed to be stuff the average listener was interested in - NOT things like how many neutral wires can go under a lug on a sub-panel buss bar, etc.

I think if a home inspector cannot do it one week, it would not be hard to find another to step in. I suggest Dan to be the first backup. I would think whoever steps in could chose his topic, a subject that he knows forewords and backwards.
The NACHI library is full of subject matter, so finding something to talk about for 26 weeks should not be a problem…

Cool. You have mail.

You’re the MAN for this gig Jim----:lol:

Oh my, this is going to be GOOD…!!!

Send Nick some Mpegs of the show, for posting on the board.

Jim, we may mess around and slam each other on this board, but you know that I have the highest regard for you professionally. I, clearly, look forward to you doing yourself, and all if INACHI proud.

Go get 'em!

Hi everyone. My name is Bruce Brown and I am the host of this radio show, Dollars and Homes.

Our show topics revolve around the Kansas City real estate market and sponsors all provide products or services related to real estate. The show airs Saturday’s at 2PM on KCMO Talk Radio 710. Their signal covers an area over 110 miles in any direction of Kansas City.

The NACHI participation in the show is as a sponsor. This means that each week we need somebody to provide a “Tip of the Week” from a home inspector. This tip will be about 2 minutes long and can be about whatever you want it to be about. Then, once a month we will have a NACHI inspector/representative in studio for a live segment to discuss whatever topics you would like to discuss. Basically, you set me up with some questions I’ll ask and then you’ll provide the information. The way we’re doing this is that when you come in to do your live show segment we’ll record the tips for the next few weeks so they’re in the can and you don’t need to do anything else. If the Saturday you have a live segment is a problem we can pre-record the segment earlier in the week or you can phone it in.

This show will provide a platform to discuss issues or topics that you feel will benefit the public as well as give you an opportunity to be recognized as an expert in your field. It is a tremendous PR opportunity.

The show will have pod casts available for download each week so consumers can listen to a show they missed or find information about something they heard on the show. The show has a website, www.DollarsAndHomes.com where the podcasts will be located. Additionally, the topics and content information from each show will be listed as well as the contact information for the people providing information on the show. There is also a sponsor page on the site for people to contact any of the shows sponsors.

Show sponsors also get commercials and promotional spots that run on KCMO during the week to promote the show. Nick has all of this information.

Each week we will have real estate co-hosts so the show will also provide a great opportunity to branch out your real estate contacts.

I’ll be happy to answer any other question about the show. The first one airs on October 11th so time is of the essence as I’ll need to get the person or persons involved in studio to get the initial tips recorded.

We’re doing a dry run of the show on Wednesday, October 1st at 3PM at the KCMO studios in Mission and I’d love to get you involved in that too.

Someone asked about who I am and you can learn about me and my credentials at my personal site www.BuyersChoiceKC.com if you’re so inclined.

Watch him guys his last name is Brown.

Hello Bruce.

Bruce - I would like to avail myself for a live segment in-studio discussion with you in mid to late November. How can we arrange that?