Ladder at CTC

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Nice Ladder Roy. I had one and changed it to a telescoping one which fortunately is half the weight, but unfortunately twice the price.

I picked up one like that through Rona. Used it a few times on the job and found it to be very wobbly at the joints. Really didn’t care for it. Now it is just gathering dust and taking up space.

Was it the same manufacture or a different one .
I have a friend who has the CTC one and it works OK I found it too heavy .
I have a little Giant 18 years old much lighter and love it.
My son also has little giant 25 years old still works great .

Sounds exactly like my Werner ladder which is my main inspection ladder, yes it is heavy and no it doesn’t wobble. The weight does not bother me, falling off an easier to carry but lightweight ladder would bother me though. As far as Mastercraft goes, I have had too many bad experiences with CTC house brand crap, and buy only quality tool brands sold at all stores anymore.