What’s everyone’s favorite type of ladder to inspect roofs with? I’m looking for something that will fold or collapse.

Little giant 17 ft. worked great 16 years Till I retired still going strong.

One someone else will climb for me :slight_smile:

I Busted my heel on my own at my own home :frowning:
Pretty embarrassing for that to happen to me on the ladder I used every day :frowning:

Just a little reminder to ALL to be safe on them as I never dreamed it would happen to me.
I guess that is why they call them accidents.

I use the Werner “Equalizer” 28 foot aluminum ladder with adjustable legs. Stabilizer bars on top keep things safe.

I don’t think there is one ladder suitable for everyone. Much of it depends on the average house you’re inspecting.

Here in the San Fernando Valley, most homes are one-story ranch or post-WWII tract homes, so my 13 ft Xtend and Climb is good for most homes.

I also have a 22 ft Little Giant for when I’m at bigger home.

But if I still lived in San Francisco, where homes are built more up than out, I’d have to have different ladders.

One size does not fit all.

I have a 12.5 telescope and just bought a new 20’ extension Tuesday. I retired my 24’ extension after backing into a tree on Saturday, bent the ladder frame and wiped out my roof racks. 20’ is high as I go.

Tree is fine:shock:

any ladder with my stab bars. I use them to not only to help the ladder from slipping, but as well as to protect from any damage to their gutters.

Got a 3’ fiberglass step ladder … a 10’ tele-steps … AND on real big jobs a 13’ Little Giant AND a fantastic set of Nikon Binoculars AND my camera has a 30x zoom.