Ladder rack and ladders

Many have asked about my ride, rack and ladders. I made some modifications.
I changed the bolts on my Sumostanceladder to stainless steel, they were beginning to rust.

I modified my ladder rack to make the “conquest ladder” easier to get on the ladder rack and not have it rub.

I used 1 1/4" schedule 80 pvc and split it to wrap the ladder rack. It provides a smooth sliding surface and protects parts from rubbing metal on metal.







Is the sumo stance heavy? I love it but I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle it myself. I weigh 150

I believe around 60lbs which is about what my 28ft extension ladder weighs. I’ve been thinking about one ever since I saw John’s :slight_smile:

I sort of like that Conquest ladder. Having to the get around the flared portion to get off of a roof pisses me off. It is dangerous as well… I have been wanting to get a 32 foot extension for exteriors and a telestep for attic accesses in closets… Those two and my LG knockoff and I should be able to do anything needed.

Those look awesome.

John does the conquest adjust in height from the step ladder position. like go from 5 for to the 7 foot max position and or adjust between in any way.

Anyone know if there is a telestep step ladder so you could have a step ladder of many heights?


Agreed. I have the little giant, and although the flared sides add stability, they are a hindrance getting on and off roofs, or getting into some attics is tough. Also the wide feet don’t lend putting the ladder into a small footprint spots like some of these New England home with tiny closets and little access panels to get to (or sometimes peer through into) the attic.

I’m considering a telescoping ladder to add to the arsenal.

Yes it does, watch the video.

One advantage of the conquest is the ability to make one end longer than the other, perfect for getting to the back of a closet in the step ladder position.

The conquest is heavy, heavier than the comparable aluminum multi-folds. The non-flared end is easier to use getting in an attic or on a roof(15’) extended. I have smaller aluminum multi-folds but they are not long enough for ceiling heights greater than 8’ and getting on any roof with a ladder 13’ or shorter is not smart. The 15’ does most single story roofs.

The Sumostance(28’) is lighter than your average comparable fiberglass ladder and much easier to raise because of the double pulley system. The rope down the side is nice too. I can get on almost all two story building without any issues.

I like the idea of the rope on the side. I always thought the rope in the middle was a trip factor