Laughing about NACHI's works in progress? Don't laugh too loud.

I copied a portion of this post from a reply I made earlier to diploma mill dan harris. I thought I would paste some of it here with regard to my analogy that NACHI is much like a 1,000 lane bridge. Though most lanes are open, there are always some closed for repair, some being widened, some having their surfaces improved, and pylons being erected in preparation for adding even more new lanes.

*Dan Harris,

With regard to your laughing about my prediction regarding NACHI Relo or any other work in progress…

–I recall some of your posts from year’s back laughing about NACHI one day having a message board would be the industry’s most popular, 230,000+ posts later and I don’t hear much laughing anymore.

–I recall you laughing about NACHI one day having more educational events than all other orgs combined,]( later and I don’t hear much laughing anymore.

–I recall you laughing about NACHI one day having more members than any other organization (even that diploma mill you belong to that counts come only with cash candidates who join in 30 seconds),]( later and I don’t hear much laughing anymore.

–I recall you laughing about NACHI one day having more membership benefits than any other org (even that no-benefit org you belong to),]( later and I don’t hear much laughing anymore.

–I recall you laughing about NACHI one day having a website bigger than all other orgs combined, 175,000+ pages later and I don’t hear much laughing anymore.

–I recall you laughing about NACHI one day getting more traffic than all other orgs combined,]( later and I don’t hear much laughing anymore.

–I recall you laughing about NACHI one day having the industry’s most popular lead generators, *](*,]( and]( later and I don’t hear much laughing anymore.

–I recall you laughing about NACHI one day having vendor relations that get members the best deals,]( later and I don’t hear much laughing anymore.

–I recall you laughing about NACHI one day having its own E&O insurance discount online portal,]( later and I don’t hear much laughing anymore.

–I recall you laughing about NACHI one day giving free websites to every member,]( later and I don’t hear much laughing anymore.

–I recall you laughing about NACHI one day doing more than all other orgs combined,]( later and I don’t hear much laughing anymore.

I can go on and on of course but are you really sure it is wise to laugh publicly about NACHI or anything we are working on?

Face it, you had a 20 year head start… and lost. How can you laugh about that?*

He who can laugh with you are the best. Great Job Nick. Oh my, I better watch it,C.M might read this. :lol: :lol:

Here was Dan’s response…to be fair.

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Re: NACHI needs a few good men / women
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Hi Nick… Haven’t heard from you in a while.
Good to hear from you.:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: Hope all is well. I hear your appointed leaders are fighting and quiting, that you fired some of your your office help, and now your trying to get in the inspection training business.

I don’t recall laughing about all the BS you posted.:roll: :roll:

Everthing you claim to be exclusive to your newby naive wannabes is available to any inspector that belongs to ASHI or any other professional HI org. with out being subjected to being embarrassed by being a member of your dictator ruled org. :roll: :roll: :roll:

The only thing I recall laughing about and still am, is how naive :grin: :grin: that your new clueless followers are, and at the ones that continue to worship you, defend your lies, and believe and support your false statements about other HI orgs and their members.

By the way, while I have your attention, :grin: :grin: :grin: what did happen to the Relo company, the nachi newspaper stands that were going to be filled with nachi BS, and false claims against non nachi /nickie certified inspectors in front of all realtor offices in the country that was going to put inspectors out of business, the race car and more crap that you use to woe more kool aid sippers.:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Mark…why do you bait me?

I’m very pro NACHI, just not a lap dog like you and the others. Keep it real and so will I. I’m only anti Bull s h it. But hey if that’s what you like to eat then by all means eat it up.

Hey Chuck, Do you have complex just because you see someones initials ? :stuck_out_tongue:
I think one of your problems Chuck,you can not sort out the facts from all of the B.S. when the facts that are presented to you. And by the way, get your facts straight before you accuse someone of something. :roll:

Chuck, you are not helping diploma mill dan by re-posting his comments here. I have saved many of his quotes from the past predicting that we’d never complete this project or that project… only to have him choke on his words when we do. Re-posting his latest rounds of foot in his mouth comments about some of our works in progress prohibits him from being able to edit or delete, once we complete.

Chuck, :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: -X I am not a lap dog, but I do have teeth, and I do bite when cornered if you get my drift. To be Pro - NACHI, you need to believe in NACHI and what NACHI is doing today, tomorrow, and in the future, not tear it down ! :smiley:

All I have to say on this subject is…

  1. Dan Harris is one hell of an inspector
  2. Dan Harris works his *** off to provide his clients with the best possible service.
  3. Dan Harris strives, in all ways, to make the Home Inspection industry in AZ the best it can be.
    4.Dan Harris is one of the few inspectors that makes the time to review consumer complaints and more times than not he finds the inspector in the right, weather they be NACHI, ASHI or otherwise.
  4. Dan Harris is a top of the line inspector and a really good person.
  5. Well, we need a 6.:cool:
  6. If I ever have a problem and take the time to call, Dan is always there, either with the answer or a person or place to find the answer.

That being said, the reason he hates NACHI is not due to it’s inspectors. It is because of the lack of structure within this org. And of course cuz Nick is well Nick.

We would be well off to have an inspector of Dans experience and knowledge as a member of this board.

Thats my oppinion and I am sticking to it.!!


Facts… I love facts.:smiley:

I’m not rying to help Dan, just wanted everyone that reads this thread to see his comment.

Sorry to have upset you Nick.

Sorry Mark…not sure I get your drift? Maybe you could explain it to me?

I believe that I won’t be bull shi t ted, and I also believe in the members ability to understand the BS that comes from CO, except for yourself.

I don’t know much about dan harris, all I know is that he leaves his organization’s message board and comes over to ours to provide me with great quotes predicting we’ll never complete this or that project, then mysteriously deletes them and goes away for a bit each time one of those projects comes to fruition.

Why he comes to another association’s message board and embarrasses himself is a mystery to me, but I confess… I like it.

I’m looking for that quote from dan he made just after we had our first Ontario Chapter meeting a few years back, something about *ASHI tried this already and NACHI won’t ever get 5 Ontario members because we’re Yankees or something. *If anyone still has that quote of dan’s saved, email it to me. It is really funny. Of course today, with over 400 NACHI members in Ontario alone, I don’t hear dan laughing much anymore.

As far as anyone taking potshots at NACHI, of course it’s easy!
If an org has a low profile and does not provide or plan a lot of benefits, it’s a hard target.
If an org has a high profile and does strive to provide truckloads of benefits, it’s an easy target to point out any that are taking longer or may fall through the cracks.

Me, I’m happy that I get more than $289 in benefits every year. When I looked at other orgs, it was a simple matter of math. And, that was 3 years ago; we’ve gotten more truckloads, since then.

Just my .02

The 289 I spent has already been made back just from this message board and the encouragement of the fine individuals here that practically forced me out there…otherwise I would still have paralysis by analysis.

As for all the other periphery…comes w/ the territory I’m afraid…you should see the pissing matches and promises seemingly broken at the Licensed Contractors boards I frequent…much worse there than here.

The other thing is that we are one of the few trade associations in the world that has full member input in that if we even *think *about a project, we announce it here, get everyone who wishes to offer an opinion or thought on the subject involved, and generally have a lot of discussion and interaction about everything.

I hate to use the 1,000 lane bridge analogy again, but early on, in everything, we reveal the rough designs of the pylons we want to build to support the next lanes we want to open, whereas most other trade associations don’t even consider adding new lanes to their bridge.

Whatever…!!! You make me laugh. Why don’t you go to a rally somewhere and waste your energy there. Instead of taking up space on this board with all you bs. Get a life>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!

Not a hearty belly-laugh or a full guffaw mind you, but is it still OK to snicker at the concept that our on-line, non-proctored, open-book quiz is worthy measure of home inspector qualifications? :slight_smile:

By the way Nick, Dan Harris is one of the good guys, don’t hold it against him if he is unable your see your inner genius, he is just calling em’ the way he sees em’. :smiley:

I take issue with your post the same way I take issue with anyone that tells me that to be pro-American I have to support every single policy of every single president regardless of what it is.

To be pro-NACHI, all that is really required is to like more things about it than you dislike.

I take myself as an example - I think NACHI is great and, like many, I believe the initial design, active members, and core values are fantastic.

Does that mean that I don’t wish to improve on NACHI when I see it is possible? Or that I should not act to ensure that our progress can be more smoothly implemented or easily maintained? Or that where I see shortcomings that can be tightened up or rahter simply corrected that I should remain silent?

I think Chuck and the others may take a combative tone occassionally, but at the core of all they post is the genuine desire to improve the organization by addressing what they see as shortcomings.

By addressing them to Nick, they are trying to call them to teh attention of the most significant decision-maker in NACHI, and the guy who calls the shots.

Could many of us be more diplomatic? Sure - and that might help.

Some of us are good with vision
Some of us are good with planning.
Some of us are good at PR and promotion.
And some of us are good at identifying issues to be addressed.

Use everyone’s strengths. Help cover for other’s weaknesses. In the end we are all on the same side and fighting in the same direction - we just do it in different ways.

Some people Like Harris wear blinders.

Joe B. If you snicker at NACHI’s entrance requirements: which I believe are perfectly reasonable, you must laugh yourself off your chair at major universities who require less to get a Doctorate online, at states and countries that have no or minimal licensing requirements, and at the kindergarden NHIE who’s answers are widly known and sold on eBay.

Furthermore you probably laugh till you can’t catch your breath at ASHI’s entrance exams, quizzes and requirements… they have none:

When you stop laughing at ASHI’s total lack of entrance requirements and catch your breath I’ll tell you something about them that isn’t so funny… ASHI actually encourages their no-entrance-requirements-whatsoever candidates to go out and perform actual inspections for poor unsuspecting consumers as the only way to achieve full membership. Not funny to the consumer, not funny to our industry, not funny to me, and I suspect not funny to you. A no-entrance-requirement diploma mill is nothing to laugh about. And dan belongs to it. Disgusting.