Laundry drain?

I found this in a house in Chicago. It is in the laundry room, the room has a laundry tub. This “drain” goes to the ejector pump in the next room. I think it is a laundry drain, but have never seen it like this. Usually you would just drain to the laundry tub.

Where is the cars radiator? The hose is right there.

With this visible set up, a person could find sewage backup in their washing machine…:frowning:

There in no reason for that to go to the ejector pump as it is up high.
Are you sure that is where it goes Mike?

I am pretty sure. Well It is in the basement. I guess it could go to the drain on the laundry sink that is about 6 feet to the left of it, then to the ejector pump. But, my concern is why this configuration? Unless it is an unconventional vent.

That is the deluxe shower in an Olongapo hotel. (cold water only)

Hmm i wonder if the laundry sink goes to the sump or the ejector pump?

Ahhhh… memories of Olangapo and Subic City.:twisted::mrgreen:

No sump in this house, I thought that was odd. I think it has to go the ejector pump. The Main drain is about 2 feet above floor level in the basement. I have a picture, the arrows are the other end of that drain.