Lead drain and supply

I occassionally see old lead drains—but very rarely lead supply lines. These pictures are from a early 1900’s home.

Lead Plumbing 001.jpg

Hi Charles,

very good pictures, like you say it is very rare to find any lead supply piping these days.



very rare indeed. and for good reason too. that’s a major health risk, up there with asbestos.

An S-trap as well.

But it has a vent at the top of the siphon.

I’m totally lost. S-traps are prohibited in all circumstances I thought. P3201.5 doesn’t list an exception to the rule.

sorry i forgot the little :mrgreen: :mrgreen: to say i was kidding. besides the lead supplies are a no no too. the whole thing needs updating.

I think every time I go out to Julian to do an inspection, I find lead water supply pipes, most recently a couple of weeks ago when we were out there with the flock of turkeys. In fact, that house that day had a unique plumbing, including sections of copper (threaded, no less) connected to lead, lead connected to galvanized, galvanized connected to copper. Our Client wanted to know how we could tell the difference between all of them: magnets and a screw driver (or a knife, for you hunters) work wonders.

Not in Massachusetts.

I find a lead supply at least 10 times a year.

At the main… coming in from the street.

Things are a whole lot differnt atwixt the East and the West–there’s
a lot of lead supply around here, too! (Wherever “here” is)