Leaky basement block basement walls

Inside view of the leaky area

Outside view before hand digging… this was a pain in the rear, deck, underground downspout piping, gas line, sump pump discharge line, furnace pipe, main electrical lines… was an AC right there/had removed, generator.
–The sump discharge pipe was cut/removed after we dug down about 2’ because… we needed the room to dug! lool Yes, it was replaced.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8QJdCMx5Mg Mama

Corner crack, hole aka open mortar joint behind sump pipe and a thin horizontal crack down low

Asked the homeowner, exxxplained to homeowner it would be better to a) turn the corner, under the concrete but she didn’t want to have the concrete cut etc at this time b) and to go a little further on back wall but she just had that generator installed and didn’t want to have it moved so soon after installing it, hmmm, we shall see. One can only ‘guarantee’ the part, the area of a basement wall that is waterproofed and one umm cannot force a homeowner to ‘do’ anymore footage that…they want

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