leaky basement Grosse Pointe Shores, block wall

Homeowner already tried raising and sloping the grade, continued to leak.

On the inside of the basement when eyeballing the block basement wall in this area (front wall), one would only see ONE hairline vertical crack about 10-12’ away from the corner… the corner is where they leaked the most, no visible crack on the inside of the block wall BUTT, butt, BUTT… if one has some brain cells that still work n a little common sense on this subject they would see an old GAS LINE that went through the block basement wall BELOW grade about 2’ off the corner (the likely problem where water was getting in)

homeowner ONLY got water in at the very bottom of the stupid basement wall, where the foundation wall MEETS the stupid basement floor

Had this or any homeowner called an interior basement system knothead, they’d have very likely bs’d the homeowner into installing a piece of junk interior basement system that would NOT have stopped the water from entering

Moral of DUH leaky basement story…
just because you do NOT see any cracks in a block or brick foundation wall on the inside of the basement does not ever mean there aren’t 1+ EXTERIOR cracks in the wall or OTHER exterior openings in the foundation wall (duh umm like the gas line eh) or openings above grade

Highway 101… toe tappin’ wiff Uncle Herb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYLd17niEMM