Leaky basement, some TRY pouring mud along the house and driveway

But putting concrete or tar etc along the house and driveway does not, cannot keep water from getting UNDER driveways and then going through exterior foundation wall cracks and then onto the basement floor, got that?

You should be able to see they patched the UPPER part of one of the corner cracks. Problem with all this is, these wall cracks almost always extend DOWN the wall, underneath the driveway. They either go/extend all the way down to the footing (see other videos) or sometimes they go down about 2’ and go around the corner (see other videos) and other times they’ll extend down and then turn into a step-crack which then often turns into a horizontal crack (loolll see other videos)

Patching the upper part of these cracks is like, trying to plug 1 of 5 holes in a boat… got dat? It’ll still sink… got life jacket?