Leaky chimney chute door, Madison Heights

senior homeowners almost got screwed BIGLY by interior drainage system company who told them they needed an INT system all the way around $15,000, this was quite a few yrs ago

these ext openings is where the water FIRST entered

were more openings in ledge

this is what should be done, what it should look like and don’t backfill with same lousy clay which too many do because… it is okay per CODE = stupid

and they had some tuckpointing needs above grade - NONE of this gets fixed/waterproofed IF interior system moron gets job

Mr Gibson would have recommended WHAT? Raising the grade? lol they already tried that around chimney = nada baby!


Nice job Mark.

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Great find!

thank you Joe!

ahhhhh lol one of our favorites Jim, and yes… 45 years in the hole, but that doesn’t sound right does it - saw many a lil ladies booties bouncin’ to this back in the day

those ladies are gramdmas now partner :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

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with hip replacements…

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yes sir however, it’s the images in my baldy head from decades ago i flashback to, bouncey bouncey, jiggle jiggle wiggle wiggle
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just seemed like we had more fun back in the day instead of all the political garbage

:20 my man