Leaving shingles in place when building an addition

I was recently told this is not the best practice or possibly unsafe if a fire were to start. Ive seen this done quite a bit and have actually built additions on homes where we would leave the old roofing. Is there a rule for this and does it matter. Thank you for any help with this

I don’t no if there is a rule but I always removed the shingles to take some of the weight off the structure.


I agree with Scott.


Thanks guys


I’ve remodeled and left them myself. Always passed inspection. No rule I’m aware of and if there is its ignored alot.

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Sloppy job.
Asphalt shingles and other roofing materials may release some fumes and odors especially in high temperatures. I would not leave any roofing material in my attic.


It’s a matter of doing it right.
Most contractors will frame over it because it saves time and material=money.
Plus it would take to long to remove the shingles, frame the new, and make it water tight.
The shingles need to be removed for some of the reasons mentioned above and it also allows one to install ice & water shield in the valleys properly and re-shingle properly.
One installs a 30# felt to dry in while the framing is being done, and it is usually not a problem. The shingles are dispose of with the rest of the construction debris from the job.
So leaving the shingles there all comes down to the green back and time.
It just differentiates between the Quality Builder and the bang bang, thank you meme.


Nicely put Marcel

The number of layers allowed can vary by jurisdiction, especially in hail-prone regions (not New Jersey).