Level 2 Certification with FLIR (ITC)

[FONT=Verdana]I just passed my Level 2 (written exam) with ITC and I will be sending my field assignment on Mon. It was a gruelling 4 days but well worth the time and effort.
By next week I will be fully certified (Flir ITC) as a level 2 Thermographer!
Level 3 next year and later on in the same year, Level III Certification with ASNT.

I encourage ALL Home Inspectors to get on board with this (fascinating) technology!

sweet !!!congratulations Mario…



Congratulations Mario! :smiley:

Thank you gentlemen!!!

Way to go Mario!

Thanks Michael!

Congrats to a stand up guy!

**Thanks John!!! **
**I actually have you to thank, you are the first NACHI member to do IR Inspections. **
You inspired me John!!! Thanks!

No, Will Decker was doing IR before me.

Hey… I’m coming back to Toronto in January.
Perhaps I will see you again. :mrgreen:

Congratulations Mario!

Thanks Gary!!

I stand corrected!


Have you thought about doing application courses? IMO You should split your course down to ROOFING, ELECTRICAL, BUILDING SCIENCE ETC., APPLICATION COURSES.

I hope to see you in Toronto!

Good idea Mario.

We are going to be teaching a class at the convention of Texas Assoc. of Real Estate Inspectors (TAREI) in January and a regular bi-monthly class for a HI school in Toronto. We may also be going to Alberta, CA soon as well. We have also been contacted by a college here in Houston that wants an IR class at their location.


As you know, level 2 covers so much more information than level 1, formula’s, thermodynamics, temperature measurements, etc. The entire course is condensed into 4 days and IMO this course can easily be doubled in length. This will allow the student the time to study at a slower (human) pace and absorb all material covered. I found myself studying at the hotel room for 3-4 hours every night after attending an 8 hour in-class course.
I have never attended your course but from the topics I see that you cover, you could very easily do 3-5 different application courses. This will allow students the time needed to absorb all content covered.

Call me when you hit Toronto.

Good stuff Mario!

Thanks Jerry!!