License requirements S. Carolina

I’ve had no luck in Colorado Springs getting a home inspection company to allow me to shadow an inspector. Oh Well. And now my daughter, husband and grandkids are moving to S.Carolina in 2 months. So of course we are going there to! You can’t separate poppi from the gransweeties !! Which leads me to the question of where can I find training courses for that specific area on internatchi?
Thanks for any help.

You will not be able to find any training courses that are specific for the South Carolina home inspection exam. You’re going to need to know what you’re doing. That’s the least of your concerns because you will need to take a business and law exam as well. That is a very difficult exam however the source for the training information is available at PSI‘s website. Best of luck Mark!

Let me know what city are moving to! We may have an opening!!


Thanks John, we’re moving to Greenville S.C. Where are you located ?

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North Augusta just a couple hours SE of Greenville

Thank you for your response , Can you give me any advice on home inspection licensing in S.Carolina ? I heard it’s quite hard ?

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So yeah, there a couple way to get licensed. You can take the business test and hi test (3 tries to pass before a one year waiting period), you can apply for license exempt from exam by submitting the application along with 50 reports that have your name on there too that you’ve completed with a licensed inspector. As far as I know SC doesn’t accept any reciprocity from any other state.

There’s a link to what is required towards the bottom of the page. Im working towards the same. Im in Anderson, SC.

AWESOME ! Thank you !

Make sure you guys read through the testing procedure carefully when it comes to failing and retesting. Best practice is to take the home inspection exam along with the business exam. Failing either one of those will count as one strike. When the exams are taken separately and both are failed it will count as two strikes.

Good advice ! Thank you !