Life in Sanibel Florida

Here is a picture at the start of the day

This is the picture from my drive home at the end of the day…When you live in an area like this…sometimes a slow day brings a smile…

Where’s the snow???

Not so bad here in Englewood either. 81 today, bright sunshine.

Not very nice guys.

Just took this of my back yard. :frowning:



So what’s your point? :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue:

My point is that this is damn near heaven…The days and nights are wonderful, the women are barely dressed, I am almost 42 and in Florida thats considered an teenager. An “old” house was one built in the 1980’s. There are no basements nor gas appliances “for the most part” and I haven’t seen a house with fuses in YEARS let alone knob and tube. We have no furnaces or heat pump just compressors and heat strips. All of the chimneys can be seen from within the attic because they are just metal insulated tubes…

So what I am saying is that this is an Inspectors paradise…

OK, I’ll admit, I’m jealous. But wait until hurricane season. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll visit for a while this winter (in-laws like it) :smiley: but I’ll pass on living there…way too many people and I like fresh cold water…the kind that comes out of the tap at about 45 degrees.

Let us know how you like it next summer. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s beautiful…just not my style. :smiley:

Try this sometime :smiley: :

All of what you said is true except that is not all of Florida. If you get north of Ocala you are going to find all the old nasty crap you spoke of except basements and in the panhandle we still find a basement occasionally albeit as scarce as hen’s teeth. We have thousands of homes here over 50 years old and hundreds over 100. Florida is literally like three different States in many ways. Pensacola is actually older than St. Augustine but the inhabitants left here to go there to settle leaving this area “unsettled” for a long time. They left mostly due to the unbearable heat, humidity and mosquitos the size of birds, malaria, yellow fever, pissy Indians and freaking hurricanes. Otherwise it too is a lovely place.

Granted, I’m about 60 miles north of Russ, but summer is no hotter here than it was in the summer in the D.C. area, just longer, and it is a welcome relief from the 10 or 15 chilly days in Jan and Feb when it doesn’t get above 70! :D:D

It is a lot cheaper to cool a house than it is to heat it. It costs me about 35 to 40 a month to run the ac. We run our ac about six months out of the year. I run my heat for a week or less a year.

:shock: I agree with Christopher :stuck_out_tongue:

Well at least here in Dayton, OH. we are possibly looking at having a white Christmas.:frowning: HO-HO-HO:cry:

And is the desert.