Little Giant Ladder

How do you get a Litle Giant ladder up when it is fully extended? The only way I have been successful is by tying a 20 lb. weight to the bottom rung to hold it down while I walk the ladder up tp vertical. Does anyone have an easier way?

Jim King

I open it with both extensions closed, to the fully vertical position while at laying it on the groun (two clicks of the center bracket). Then, I extend one length fully and lock it into position while the ladder is on the ground. With 3/4 of the ladder fully extended, I get the feet into position and elevate the ladder to a vertical position (so the feet are where I want them to be with the unextended side at the ground, but the ladder is 90 degrees from the ground.) Then I unclip the remaining portion and use my foot to anchor the bae as I extend the remaining portion to full extension and lock it into position.

It is farily easy to do the first 2 times Ido it in a given day, but 3 or more inspections wears me out.

Try LGs instruction video at:

Hope this helps, several videos at website to review.

yep you guys got it. just make sure you lots of room around you and set it up carefully.
a couple times and you will be worn out.
I like my lg.


Thanks Joe and W.,
I guess I just need to work out a little more at the gym. After trying it, I almost wonder if the guy in the video didn’t have someone up above helping him pull the ladder up. He only needed finger tip pressure.

Thanks again,

Jim King

It slides pretty smoothly if you get the vertical angles pretty perfect. If there is an incline in the angle, it becomes more difficult to move as friction takes over. Use a foot to brace teh bottom step and you can push the ladder up using one hand (it does take some effort, not a finger tip).

I push the bottom up against the base and then walk the ladder up to the vertical.
CAUTION! Be very aware of all overhead wires, tree limbs or open windows as some very bad things could happen.
Safety first!

I muscle it…I use a 17’ lg…I am 6’ 2" and 270 … so I dont have a prob…but I know if I was using a 21’ it would be a prob.

I get the '26 LG up using the method I described. Sometimes gives me problems, but mostly when I am alrady beat from a day full of inspections and I am triying to muscle the last section up.

With help from Little Sprout ??? :smiley: