Multi Purpose Ladders

I dont know about you guys but carrying 3 ladders is getting a bit old, I would really like to downsize my Full size truck as well. Any feedback on these “Multi-Purpose Ladders” (eg Little Giant) If used what size works best?


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I carry a Little Giant (special order heavy duty one) and a 3 step step stool. They serve me well for my inspection style.

I don’t climb roofs as I’ve found I’m more likely to damage the roof and most of what we have a steep pitch. I started carrying the step stool for something lightweight to look onto sills and the top of cabinets without hauling out the LG. Lets me get up close and personal to most ceilings if I need to.

I’ve used the LG in many situations. It isn’t that it is the best for every situation but it can be used adequately and effectively for most everything.

What size LG do you have?

Yeah they suck.
Get ready to lose a finger or fall off the cheesy thing.

I have a Little Giant aluminum and love it! It gets me everywhere I need to go. I think it’s light enough to haul anywhere(I am a man).:smiley:

I have never fallen from it and never feel like it will buckle under my load of twisted steel and iron I call my body. :mrgreen:

Not only is it versatile but the clients love it. Typically it’s something they have only seen on an infomercial on TV. So it is a cool toy to have for extra rapport building.

So far so good I guess!

I recommend it!

Definitely a “your mileage will vary” situation. But my LG has seen heavy use. I weight in close to 300. I’ve never felt insecure or had a falling issue. Even in a full extension situation.

Mine’s a 1A rated model for 300 lbs. Not like the typical consumer version which is rated at 250 lbs. .

Try this

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Their pretty sturdy. Weight isn’t an issue once you get used to it. Use the multi-purpose for outdoor situations and use a lightweight 6’ or 8’ step for getting into attic spaces or other indoor situations.


I still like my extenand climb ladder. Clean it every now and then, make sure each rung is locked before climbing and it is bullet proof. fits in the very back of my 4runner.