Log homes

I am doing a thermal scan on my 1st log home. Are there any concerns I should be on the look out for or anomalies I should be aware of?

Just like any other building.

Logs are harder to fit and can move around as they dry, creating space for air and water entry.

Carpenter Bees and rodents (squirrels and “peckers”) cause the biggest grief around here on log homes.

I have found many problems but nothing out of the unusual that I can think of.

Free online Log Home Inspection course, a free NACHI.TV video, log home inspection article, and log home disclaimer in www.nachi.org/green.htm



Check every end of every log. your ;looking for ( checks, splits any small round holes 1/16 for wood boring beetles to 3/8 for carpenter ants or carpenter bees. Check for any soft spots on the lower logs. 100% of every log home I have ever inspected and all or most of these condition. even new homes will have evidence of beetles.
Check out my Pest Control web sites for information on Termites and Beetle damage ID.