Lu210 (2x10) joist hanger attachment

Attached is a graphic showing the proper nails used to attach a Simpson Strong-Tie LU210 joist hanger.
The nails were color coded to simplify the drawing.


Thanks again, Randy. :slightly_smiling_face:

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But but but but my positive placement nailer won’t shoot 3.5" Simpson nails, you mean I have to hand nail all of those holes? LMAO

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OK OK I guess I can use these but it will slow the job down LOL

Made minor changes to LU210 and added LUS210. LU210 uses 20 gauge metal and LUS210 uses 18 gauge metal. The LUS210 uses only 3" nails and the joist nails are driven at 45° creating double shear. Both carry similar loading, but the double shear nails in LUS210 give it 37% greater uplift capacity, which is good for higher wind applications.


Nice Randy - but you might add that on the LSU210 the double shear should be 16d Sinkers?

Thanks Randy, for this one and all the great graphics you provide.