Main Beam / Unsupported Splice

No problem,

We can move that column over a few feet…

Just put another nail in it. :roll:

Since peir pads are from 3’x3’ to 4’x4’ it is also not likely that the post is resting on it’s pad.Therefore slab failure is also likely.

That beam should have more overlap on the individual members, not very stable.

Homeowners excuse to the ambulance driver; But i had to put the water heater close to the washer, do you know how much copper cost these days.

check out the floor joist over the post.

What are you guys worried about, they do have a continuous member going through the splice. :slight_smile:

Joe, where do you find these places? ha. ha.

Man, look at this for a second,

Wire chaffing on duct

shim under stair tread due to improper layout

Nothing left of the bottom side of the stringer, but thank God it was inset.

Who was coming down the stairs and did he have a handrail to hold on to?

Polybag insulation???

TPR valve on the electric water heater, is it there?

Tie wrap electrical wire to copper lines.

Adjustable jacks, they approved in your area?

As mentioned, perma-jack moved, where is the footing under slab now.?

Just thought I would mention a few items, I know you saw all of that and then some right.?? Ha. ha. :wink: :mrgreen:

Marcel :smiley:

I can see the deflection in the beam in the first picture. Of course all splices should occur at a support, but I’ll take five bucks for every beam in houses that are like this one.

Not a Large Home but it was a Long Inspection for having 2 Inspectors on site.

i see the handrail, marcel, but don’t you need balusters on basement stairs if it’s a living space?

I guess you would if it is in fact a finished basement, but the one in this post clearly isn’t.

Good point though, does the stair code requirements apply to unfinished spaces that are used solely by adults for routine storage or washroom facilities?

Haven’t found anything to this regard, maybe others can help on this one.
How would you address this one?

Marcel :slight_smile:

The pictured handrail probably predates any code requirements for balusters or returns and is therefore code-compliant, if it was code-compliant when it was installed.

The design of this beam is no good. Just plain Stu____!!

Standpipe on washer greater than 42"(IRC)?
Shutoff on water heater?

Please don’t be in a rush to blame the designer, who probably called for 3-2x8, if that’s what they are. The builder/contractor/carpenter/framer is responsible for the techniques of construction and should have known that a splice or splices in mid-span are not correct nor structurally viable.

Sorry Richard, didn’t mean the actual designer that determined the loads, if someone actually did design the beam that is. I was referring to the way it was framed. I should have not used my words so liberal. You are correct. I stand corrected. Thank You.:slight_smile: </IMG>

One from today.

No support at the foundation wall…