Main carrying beam support.

I found a main carrying beam that had been cut.
It appears that it may have been cut to make way for a stairway, and partition wall.
The cut end is sitting on two 2"x 6". These are nailed to a third 2" x 6" that runs up past the end of the beam. The bases of the post are on the poured concrete floor.
The rest of the supports are lally columns.

The home is a 24’ x 38’ ranch.
Any thoughts?


The combined load capacity of those 2x6s will meet or exceed the load carrying capacity of the average steel column most contractors use.

Looks fine.


Shouldn’t there be some material at the base separating it from the slab?

Thank you! Randy, Nick, and Larry.

The beam construction looks fine and properly installed, as for the contact with floor can’t say without seeing how it is in contact with it

I got the sense they are in full contact.

What am I missing?
That column needs a footing under it, not just a floor. If its position is different than the original column, there will be no footing.

I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it if it’s been that way for a long time. To cover your assets, you could say something like:

“Repairs or structural modifications were observed at XXX. You should ensure the work was performed by licensed contractors and with the benefit of permits and you may want to view the area for yourself. Any structural work requires a permit and we do not condone work performed without one. If you cannot confirm the work was performed by a licensed contractor, then we recommend that you have a licensed contractor evaluate the work and current condition.”

Joe, could you explain what the brenifits of Permits is all about other than being taxed for the work done? ;):slight_smile:

Valid permits show the work was applied for by a qualified contractor, and another pair of eyes endorsed the work (AHJ). They don’t always catch mistakes but at least somebody else has accepted the liability of the work. I have several narratives just like Joe’s.