Look What I Found

For once I am posting just for fun. This should stay pretty peaceful. :mrgreen:

If you’ve found something worth looking at post it here. This was in an attic right by the hole I was doing a wind mitigation inspection. I could not get far enough away for a whole view shot. The only one home was the owners high school daughter. You would think he would try to cover it or something. Heck he may not even know it is there.

I bet he knows its there now!

I don’t know he did not mention it to me and I did not say anything to him.

I suspect you put it in your report…If you didn’t, you should have… I think most sellers get a copy.

Guess he either gave up or smoked it.

I would have if it was a home inspection that would have been fun. Improper wiring of urban attic gardening system. I was just doing a wind mitigation inspection.

I cannot imagine anything being able to grow up very well up there under lights most of the year. It was probally 120+ degrees while I was there and it was before noon.

It is a shame the poor guy was forced to hide the fact he was growing a few lousy plants while the real criminals operate in broad daylight.

I imagine they could take his kids away and send him to prison doing hard time in a conservative state like Florida.

Might be a good idea to warn him he should clean up the debris at the very least (or) you could turn him in and ruin his life.

I am like those three No monkeys. See, Hear, and Say

You may be doing the smart thing from what I read here.

The monkeys have yet to steer me wrong.

Improper wiring of urban attic gardening system. - The defect of the day - LOL HA HA HA HA

What is a wind mitigation inspection? and is it a common inspection in that area of the country?

It is an insurance inspection in South Florida. We use oir-b1-1802 rev 2/10 4 page form. you can see my modified version here http://www.meekerindustries.com/page3.html

A little aside but still on topic. Quite a coincidence:

Yesterday’s news mentioned a bust of a small grow-op in our province…It was in a house on MARY JANE Riley Road…How appropriate a spot to grow "marijaun"a.

So this wind mit you did with a single, home alone, female high school age individual .
You made sure she was 18 right before you did the inspection right.

Pops got home in time to pay me and sign the form.

you sure like playing close to the wire

I was thinking there would be no way I would send ANYBODY to my house if only my Daughter would be there no matter how old she was. The guy told me he would be there.

What is a “Wind Mitigation Inspection”? Never heard of it…