Mallory diverts more member's money for her own personal use.

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Nice lady.
What does she do for an encore?

A simple mostion to dismiss based upon jurisdiction should suffice, should it not? What jurisdiction does the State of Michigan have over a post that originated in Missouri to a server located in (?) managed by an office in Colorado (or is it PA)?

Members of NAHI should thank you, the quicker you get this thrown out, for saving them the money from more frivolous litigation by their profiteering ED.

Obviously she is a con artist and has now duped her own members. Now she is trying to dupe a court of law.

No way she wins. Whatta sleazy way to do business.

The first ammendment isn’t designed to protect speech that is nice, it was put in place to protect antagonistic speech. Who would care what someone said if everyone agreed with it?

Slap her down, Nick!

Deleted in response to a personal request.

Maybe she thinks she can issue a gag order, using leftovers from her previous employer.

Sorry, I couldnt resist.

Sorta like in Ontario where OAHI is a non profit yet makes all sorts of money that doesn’t go back into the membership for more benefits.

Nick maybe the IRS would be interested to know whats going on?

Oh Man…now that’s a groaner! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nick, I beg to differ with you. Of course the association she represents is non-profit, they don’t have any money left over after they pay any and all money (dues) available, to her management firm and thus to her. I guess just like in her previous profession, she gets a wad…of cash.

I heard that nickey tried to hire her to be nachos international marketing rep for the new internacho certified furnace filters, she turned him down, and that is why nicko is claiming she must be taking nahi members dues for her own legal expenses’s…

You heard incorrectly, as usual.:roll:

Joe, that was baaaaaaad!

Nick, did she file in State court, or Federal?

I know that n association can indemnify officers from legal action for acts they perform while holding office I don’t think that includes paying for suits the officer files and probably wouldn’t cover a Executive director paid by an outside company contracted by the association.

So I hear a big sound of smoebody sucking at the pockets of the members of that little association.

Not that Mallory would ever take my advice, but if she wants to build NAHI…

  1. stop the stupid law suits.

  2. worry about what your association is doing for its membership.

  3. advertise everywhere why your inspectors are the best

  4. provide concrete reasons for inspectors to join.

  5. make it easy for inspectors that meet your association requirements to join.

  6. continually provide new to keep renewal levels high.

  7. welcome dissenting opinions. they help you grow.

That would certainly provide a better association atmosphere!

On second thought, don’t bother. We already do all of that and more here! :wink:

Instead, they filed this, and made Bushart famous…:slight_smile:

Looks like they spend a lot of time reading our board.

There is certainly nothing at all flattering in being found in Mallory’s briefs…:wink:

She could join nicks last desperate act to keep his org a float by selling furnace filters via mail order, or join him in marketing bogus certifications :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

As evidenced by your being allowed to post here, Dan…

  1. welcome dissenting opinions. they help you grow.

I had a pretty good laugh at the “motion” that was filed. It is quite clear that they are using this motion as yet another piece for public consumption to further argue the case they already settled.

They have littered the motion with so much BS that has nothing to do with the basis of their motion to somehow obscure the facts.

Obviously as NACHI begins to use the new logo and name, members will want to signify their membership by using those to represent it.

They themselves indicated in the motion that Nick Gromicko is the “sole director/owner of” The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc." NACHI is not a member run organization. We cannot be party to any settlement agreement with anyone.

Nick was not acting in bad faith to answer questions about who was party to the agreement. If he had stated that it would take time for members to come on board with the new name and logo, there is no way in God’s little green earth that the statement indicated that members were a party to the agreement.

Take private companies that were licensed to use NACHI in their name (such as NACHI Certified Education, The NACHI Store, NACHIStuff, independent chartered chapters and members).

Q: How can Nick and NACHI enter into agreements on their behalf?

A: They cannot.

One can only hope that the new logo, and brand name takes hold among those organizations as well as members.

Did they think that all the publications inventoried all over the country with the NACHI name would be burned in the town square?

I am betting that the judge will see through this thinly vieled attempt to put more BS for their members consumption (and at their expense mind you).