NACHI files response in US Court to Mallory's recent attacks for personal gain.

This truly has to be a serious embarassment for her and for her association.

Someone should teach her that the first rule about holes is, when you find yourself in one, stop digging.

Scumbag Nahi…I like the sound of that!!!

I understand that she has proposed that her Chapters start each meeting with the burning of the flag.

Anyway… long live free speech!

Don’t worry Nick I have it covered!!



Keep it up Mallory! All this courtroom activity and the ASTM fiasco bring NAHI closer to the light.

I think Ms. Mallory may have been confusing her current position with her previous position when filing this latest complaint.

NO MS. Mallory, you cannot reach to the bottom of your briefs and give it a few pumps to make it a full blown lawsuit. :shock:

BOOM! Another friggin’ failed Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Float! Back to the drawing board.

I think that N@H! needs to be changed to LOSER…with a great big flashing neon “L” on the forehead.

(IMHO, of course)

Interestingly enough, the usual passengers on the short bus found at TIJ and inspectionnews have little to comment on regarding the NACHI response.

Not even to the extent of the usual rhetorical rants condemning Nick or the obligatory posts in favor of Mallory’s position. NAHI’s former friends are seeking distance.

It is obvious, by the handwriting on the wall, that NAHI is losing just more than its lawsuit.

NAHI is losing its non-profit status.

NAHI is losing its moral authority to lead its members by abandoning those inspectors in PA who are being sued into poverty for doing little more than furthering the NAHI (and PHIC) agenda.

Although the same size hole will be left in the industry as one who slowly withdraws his hand from a bucket of water, NAHI is soon to be an inactive historical reference to the home inspection industry.

Happy it was to be second banana to the ASHI regime…but it could not stand to be surpassed by NACHI. The emotions of a woman scorned is bringing down a national association while all that its members can do is watch.

What a shame.


Whoops… how unprofessional of me…:(:roll:;-):mrgreen:

I don’t think they are watching.

Don’t think for one minute that it is just a woman scorned that is bring it down. I can think of at least one board member that probably has as much to do with it as anybody.


Just curious, were you dropped on your head as a baby? What else would explain why would the chief executive of a national association continue to engage in a childish vendetta against an organization that is inferior to his at least in his own mind? What do you think you can gain by engaging in behavior that makes you look like a foolish brat at best and a brutish thug at the worst? I had considered joining your organization because it has many good benefits to home inspectors, but your unprofessional behavior has made me wonder… just what kind of organization is NACHI?

Rob N Hood

Why not call yourself “C. Oward”, “F. Eckless”, or “B. Igdick” ?

Its all the same

Rob N. Hood asks

Fair enough question. I’ve already gained much of what I wanted. For instance, with regard to the Minneapolis association permitting its members to sell repair services to correct defects they find on their inspections, an unethical move that destroys our profession’s most precious virtue… impartiality, they finally gave in and recently changed their Code of Ethics to prohibit it (like NACHI and ASHI prohibit it). The change they made was word for word, exactly as I insisted.

Complain about my methods all you want… proof is in the pudding.

Anyway, I will continue to be a “brutish thug” as you say until they also end their preferred vendor schemes (like NACHI and ASHI have done) which bribe REALTORs into recommending inspectors, not based solely on merit as their fiduciary duty demands, but rather the inspectors that pay them the most. Unconscionable and harmful to consumers and my industry. I can show that consumers have not only been financially harmed by this steering scheme, but physically harmed as well, and in at least one instance… it killed a child. How many other deaths has “purchased praise” caused? The Minneapolis association’s preferred vendor schemes which permit unqualified inspectors to acquire undue praise from REALTORs who are supposed to be recommending only the best inspectors based solely on merit, is nothing short of statistical mass murder of my fellow Americans for profit.

No ethics, no peace!

P.S. Thank you for your comment:

But please don’t join us for just your personal gain. Instead join us because we are fighting the good fight. While you waste time snooping around on some other association’s message board and complaining about trivial stuff, like someone else’s behavior… real work, work that needs to be done to protect consumers and help our profession, continues to pile up. Get out of the cart and help us push. If you do your best to do good, God will take care of most everything else for you.

Then why did the ESOP do nothing about this?

So Nick what ORG is worse one that allows it’s members to join a prefferd list, or one that that states how unethical it is but then turns a blind eye to it?

Sir, it is clear from your illogic and from your assertion of ad hominim arguments that you are nothing more than a shil for the other association. If you wodul have just taken the time to examine the facts of the matter, you would not have written what you did.

Professionalism demands nothing less.

Hope this helps;