Manufactured Home template to share?

Any of you have a Manufactured Home template you wouldn’t mind sharing? I know a lot of systems will be the same as a stick-built, but since I’m going out to do my first one in a couple days I thought looking over a more experienced template would be a major help. Thanks a ton for helping this new inspector.

The only difference is it won’t have an attic. Everything else is the same as a stick built.

Thanks Stephen. Do you typically record the required data plates?

Yes one or two extra pics.

Yep, assuming they haven’t been removed, painted over or defaced in some “unique” way over the years…

FWIW, you’ll create a handful of saved comments that pertain almost exclusively to aged mobile/manufactured homes (sub-floor, belly liner, lack of attic, etc.) but it doesn’t take long to build the basic report narratives up, after a few gigs.


I don’t !

I include the data plates. I do it because almost all mobile’s here are on a VA loan. VA will send their appraiser who SHOULD take those pictures, as the loan originator will need it, but if for whatever reason the VA dude forgets, I’ve got it for them. We all have bad days, and I don’t want anybody’s home loan held up because somebody was distracted/having a bad day, or whatever…

It went beautifully today. Thanks for the confidence.

Always. One picture of each data plate for each section. I just add the pics at the end of the report. I have received numerous calls over the years from agents or mortgage reps / underwriters asking if I had them. Most was 4 on one inspection. 99% are two pics.