Manufactured homes: what's a "safety door check" for outward opening doors"

According to the HUD regulations, exterior doors that open outward should be provided with a safety door check. Is this a closing device or a door stop of some kind? Anyone know?

Don’t know what these are called but on almost every MH I have inspected or been in, all the outwards opening doors have a stop device at the tops consisting of a length of wire chain with a spring shock absorber built into it. This is to prevent when someone opens the door and it were to get away from them (wind snatches the door) it will not allow the door to swing around fully and smack into the side of the MH.

photo of one

I agree with Doug 100% , stopping device / door stop
I have throughout the years installed countless rear entry doors (aluminum sheeting with a polyurethane foam insulation) for mobile homes that are typically an out-swing door and will usually comes with a door spring and chain, door stop as part of the install package.

Thanks guys! I haven’t had a chance to inspect a lot of manufactured home.

Around here it’s call a hurricane chain.
Used on storm doors too.