Marketing to Past Customers

Where might I find marketing ideas for past customer marketing, should I want to create things like weekly post cards to send out?

Ed DeRousse
BESTCHOICE Home Inspections

Clients is a better noun.

Weekly is too spammy. Imho.

Read page 33 through 36 of

Thanks Nick!

The average buyer does so in about every 12 -15 years.
Marketing new prospect is the better idea…Yep!

You need to remind them on a periodic basis of who you are or they will forget over time. I suggest a monthly maintenance newsletter. This is as non invasive as you can get and it keeps your name in the front of them along with hopefully some information they can use. Remember they may not be moving soon but every one has family, friends, co-workers etc who might be and most people love to make recommendations.

Also look into some type of time release messaging system that you can set up after the inspection that will remind in 12 months that its time for an annual maintenance inspection.

Your best leads comes from personal referrals and your best personal referrals come from past clients.