Maryland waterproofing and many others

Just because these waterproofing/water-diverting companies may have an A+ rating with the Better DORK Bureau doesn’t, never means, a homeowner is going to get an honest estimate, an honest and competent recommendation/solution to their leaky basement, NONSENSE. According to duh BBB, Maryland has an A+ rating (pfftt) yet in this homeowners video, anyone with a pea-brain can see Maryland installed an interior basement system and sump pump that did NOT fix/repair/waterproof the actual existing problems hence they did NOT stop the water from where it is still coming in hence lool, this basement like many others has NOT been ‘waterproofed’, got it?

1:10 ‘you can see the water’

1:25 ‘a lot of water’

1:50 cockieee-roach, nice, they like water too, dunno about milk… got milk?

2:40 ‘water coming in’

3:00 ‘water is still coming in from the wall, system captures the water,but…’
But what sir?! Your basement has NOT been waterproofed, your blocks and mortar joints will eventually crumble, mold and efflorescence on blocks will only get WORSE… and if you sell your house and say the basement was waterproofed, your at risk of getting sued because…again, the basement was not waterproofed. You have exterior cracks in the block walls, and possibly other exterior openings along/above grade and THAT is WHERE the water is entering!!! That is what Maryland etc should have explained to you and should have recommended you fix/waterproof… outside!

Short video, homeowner on above link has cracks etc on the exterior similar to the cracks etc in this-video…

B Dwwwy, Neverdry, Basement SKIPsems, Foundation Systems of Ethiopia etc etc… they all pull the same type of shtt on homeowners.

SCAMS, lies, misrepresenting the homeowners actual existing defects and misrepresenting the true, only WATERPROOFING solution for, self-gain.

Just because the Better Dork Bureau gives these PAID BBB member chumps an A+ rating means, zero, nothing…it doesn’t ever mean all homeowners are going to get an HONEST and competent estimate/recommendation, pfftt.
This lone video PROVES that, then see all the other friggin videos and photo albums posted.

Then add that IF these companies installing interior systems actually pulled permits for some jobs, where the hllllllllll was the city inspectors melons at by passing, okaying the permits on these systems when…if the inspector had ANY KNOWLEDGE on this-subject, he/she would have seen that NO interior basement system was going to fix/waterproof these homeowners actual problems hence, they too are friggin incompetent, negligent sob’s, period!! Sue these dumb shtts as well. On the other hand, if a homeowner KNOWS aka under—fkkking-stands that they are paying thousnads for an interior system that will NOT stop water from where it’s entering and will not stop mold, efflorescence etc then, hey…lol, now it’s on your dumb azz, got dat? You just paid $7,000–20,000 for a piece of shtt waterdiverting system that did not ‘waterproof’ your dumb azz basement, so don’t tell any potential BUYER that your basement was waterproofed, because it wasn’t… sheesssh

John McEwen up in Canada, one of the only good, decent, experienced guys I have spoken with, he ‘gets it’ while most others do not.
Near the end, per eBeing Tan homeowner in video above and others…‘When you go to sell your home in Ontario duh real estate agent will ask you to fill out and sign a vendor property information statement (disclosure)… Are you aware of any moisture/water problems in the basement or crawlspace?
HIDING the problem doesn’t fix the problem’.
In other words, installing an interior basement system and sump and placing some vinyl, dimpled membrane etc on part or all of the basement wall does NOT fix/waterproof EXISTING cracks/defects on the outside of a block, brick etc basement wall!! Or if a homeowner has/put drywall etc against the wall(s), your hiding mold, efflorescence, water, cracks aka DeeeeeeeeeeeFECTS.

You had best inform any buyer wtf you did, what the inside system chumps did (did NOT do) etc, otherwise may get a letter in your MAILBOX, got dat?

Mr. McEwen goes on to say, 'If your building dept abrogates their responsibilities, anyone (company-contractor) can do anything they want…what kind of legitimate building association allows their members to perpetrate FRAUD?

The BBB allows it, many building departments throughout the U S allow it, at least on this subject, yes sir.
Oh, and exxxxxxcuse me but umm, seems some ‘ORG’s’… are fine with it too, got that?

Where the helllllll was the city inspectors brain on the installation of this interior basement system???
Why did the inspector okay the installation of the piece of shtt system, costing the homeowners thousands??!!

PROOF again of wtf i, McEwen etc are yapping about!!!@@@@%#@%@@#@
How could any inspector think that it’s a–ok to pass/okay a permit (if one was pulled) of an interior basement system here/everywhere… when IF they actually had any REAL exxxxxperience and common sense, they’d have seen, known an interior system was NOT going to fix anything!!! It was not going to STOP water from entering the multiple exterior cracks that… have existed in those walls for many years! It was not going to stop mold and efflorescence on block walls either! Don’t give Marky Mark the bulllshsttttt story that, duh, ‘maybe the cracks occurred after the system was installed’… bull—shttt, are you kidding me? loooooolllll i hear that from some HI’s, same old incompetent shttt from some of them too.