Maryland waterproofing, the better dikkhead bureau and other bulshtt

Maryland water–diverting aka MD water–diverting is a paid BBB member who is supposed to FOLLA the BBB’s lying sack of shtt guidelines on advertising etc
Here’s part of what the BBB says their paid dkkkhead members are supposed to abide by, pfftttt

In part,
‘Advertisers are responsible for their ads’ truthfulness and should be ready to back up their claims’

‘Ads that are untrue, misleading, deceptive, fraudulent, false or insincere should not be used’

‘Misrepresentations don’t only happen when an ad makes a false claim. Leaving out critical facts is also deceptive’

Here’s some of Marylands advertising, claims etc…

Question and answer #4…Is it necessary to xcavate the outside of my home?
Maryland incompetent, lying sack of shtt, fraudulent, false answer…
“We strongly recommend AGAINST it…”

And pretty much ALL these inside basement system azz wipes say the same sack of stinking azz bullshttt.

Eh BBB, for years i told you about Marylands deceptive ads/claims and you AZZ HOL’s have done ZERO about it. Go fk yourselves would you please!!!

Here’s a homeowner who hired Maryland waterproofing to install an interior basement system, two short videos of water still entering be—fkg–cause, they lied to the homeowner, bulshtt’d the homeowner etc…
First video…
1:10 homeowners says/shows… “You can see water dripping”

1:25 “a lot of water coming through”

2:45 “you can see the water coming in”

And notice the GAP, the space along the bottom of basement wall and floor, where they put the BLACK SHTT in.
Radon and other soil gases can NOW easily enter the basement because these inside basement systems leave a gap/space…and yet this company name in part is, Maryland waterproofing AND radon REDUCTION???

Wtfffff, looollllllllllll, scam, lies, deceptive bulllhstt, misrepresenting the homeowners ACTUAL EXISTING cracks/problems that are (as usual) on the outside of the fkkkg basement wall!!@@%#&%&)&)&^&(^%*%

Second video, same homeowner…

:20 “water”

:40 “wet area”

1:10 “you can see the water”

1:55 “wetness, moisture”

2:30 “over here it’s pretty wet”

3:40 “see the water”

Mr and Mrs homeowner, am sorry to say you two got ripped off, your basement has NOT been waterproofed and it wil never be waterproofed unless/until you have it done on the outside!! Maryland water-diverting left out, omitted CRITICAL FACTS on why/where your basement leaks!!!

Your just one of many homeowners who have been lied to, your actual problems and TRUE solution misrepresented by these interior basement system AZZ HO’s!!!

Very few attorney generals have done, NOTHING, they sit on that azz and do not want to, care to listen, learn and allow yoyu to get buttfk’d, yep. They COULD make a big difference but choose to look the other way.

The better business bureau has done… NOTHING!!!

And all the other sob’s like Angies dork me list etc etc do NOTHING! Jesus folks, all their claims etc is just to get you to give them or these companies (paid members) your MONEY!!!

Not enough home inspectors know OR, care to know so that…hello… they could help you, steer you away from these deceptive, fraudulent interior basement companies.

Same goes for CITY inspectors, shtt, they may be worse!!! Lying sack of incompetent jack offs.

Back to Maryland’s website claims… same stupid azz Q and A #4… they also lie about and state, “outside excavation repair does not address hydrostatic water enveloping the foundation (whtffff??? lool) OR water trapped within the basement walls (looolll, lying mfrs)…”

Hey Maryland, MD, water—diverting…listen up chumps, you ckkksukkkers are fkkg liars, deceptive cheats, scamming hundreds of homeowners, misrepresenting the homeowners actual problems and you chumps do NOT stop the water from where its acyually entering HENCE azz holeeees, you will never stop or prevent mold or efflorescence or radin or insects etc from fkkkg entering#!@&*%&%##@%#^&%*^%&(^&(^&(^

Exterior waterproofing and backfilling with most–all gravel REDUCES lateral soil pressure against the fkkg wall man, which is what causes many walls to crack, leak, bow in you fart breath shtt heads!

And exterior waterproofing, when it is needed which, on most leaky basements is, most of the time… stops the water from entering exterior cracks etc, will stop/prevent mold, efflorescence on walls you moron idiot fk-heads!

Any water that may be trapped INSIDE the hollow blocks is, first… getting INTO those blocks from///on the OUTSIDE!!!@!!!$#%^%&^(&&&&&000

Second,any water that may be trapped inside any blocks can SIMPLY, easily be let out on the inside by drilling some holes in the blocks and then those holes are sealed, you DUMB FKKKRS!!!

WATCH the video azz holes, an interior basement system was installed when it NEVER should have been, the usual!!!
Over $10,000 wasted on another piece of garbage interior system!
That money could have and should have been spent on EXTERIOR waterproofing, the ONLY means of repairing the existing defects/cracks in walls and ONLY means of stopping the water from entering the g dang basement

Just like Maryland, this company bulllshttt’d the senior homeowners!!!

Here’s another short video, homeowners OWN g dang words on how Everdry waterproofing in Michigan TRIED fkkkkg him and his wife in their azz!!! LISTEN to him… did you listen? They tried FKKKKgg him out of $15,000 or 27,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!%^&**^(%##@!!@!#@%$
And some HI’s here, don’t care??? Really? They say NUTTTTTTTTIN or throw some incompetent bulshhhtt back at me, looollllll!

So Uncle Bubb’s says again, any home inspector, city inspector, media piece of shtt etc etc who recommends these interior basement system companies to unknowing homeowners is also, a piece of human shtttttt, ya feel me!
To the HI’s here, or elsewhere who don’t like me or my posts, fk off biaatchs, hey, I post often beeeeeecause, every g damn day homeowners keep getting lied to, ripped off, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Stop reading my shtt and go INSPECT a doorbell or two.