Master bedroom walk-in closets

Do you all report on larger walk in closets without a heating/cooling register?

Yes (sometimes if I think of it), if it’s an outer wall. Just as an FYI. It’s not required.

No. And btw, sometimes an exterior wall is the only logical location for placement if a retrofit install. They are not going to tear up the entire home if they are only creating a larger closet.

You’re not going to ask about an outlet in there, are you? :mrgreen:

Oh NoNo No not another closet thread

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OK here is my take on closets. All closets are used to store boxes. Boxes against outside walls at least here in the freezing North are cold. Cold walls lead to mold. Mold leads to sickness. Sickness leads to hospitalization. So what I tell my Clients when it comes to big closets on outside walls is remove the doors if they don’t allow air flow on the outside wall and never store boxes close to the wall, don’t forget to not use the plug outlet installed in there for Ironing your clothes. LOL

Why don’t you just tell them to ventilate the room?

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paging Mr. Bottger
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Perhaps you should stop stereo-typing all closets by lumping them all together. In the U.S., we commonly refer to them as:

Clothes Closet
Bedroom Closet
Walk-in Closet
Hallway Closet
Kitchen Closet
Kitchen Pantry Closet
Storage Closet
Reach-in Closet
Front Door Closet
Linen Closet
Utility Closet
Water Closet

The last time I hung my coat in the water closet it got all wet and then all moldy :shock:

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Also the POST does say WALK IN CLOSET.
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