Matt in Boca Raton

Good Morning
This year I began a change in careers, I have taken and passed with a +90% twelve interNachi classes. I attended the Weston FL HOH 40 hour where i passed the Florida state HI exam. And since completing the school, I have done over 30 Apprentice inspections with a highly qualified and extremely thorough Inspector with 10 years experience, all while working my 60 hour a week paying job. These inspections include, 4 Point, Wind Mitigation, Mold tests and Residential from 1000-15,000 sq ft. I am currently waiting Tallahassee to send me my license. I guess what I am trying to say is I am highly motivated and very respectful of what it takes to do this job successfully, both on an educational and real world level. Can anyone give me some direction on where I go from here, my goal is to complete the transition into a paid HI. I have read some of the advice given on this forum, but this is a first post for me (hope I did it right)
Thanks for your time

Attend a “Business 101-102” class at your local community college.

First off, you have to better define your goal.

“Complete the transition into a paid HI” is pretty vague, and can mean all sorts of things.

Talk to realtors, the buyers almost always go with what their realtor suggests. The more realtors you meet the better your chances.