Maybe Mike Holmes is evolving on this subject

“Your best bet is to waterproof the foundation on the outside, ideally when you build the home so you don’t have to excavate around the house to add waterproofing after the fact”

well duh, who isn’t and hasn’t been informing peeps of this over the decades? i mean sht, is this a new fricken idea or something? Oh, SOME have finally learned a bit after years of beating them over the head with baseball bat.

Mikeyyyy, WHO says most or all will need to excavate AROUND the house after the fact?

Many simply have one or two cracks in basement walls and so that is all they’d need to waterproof on the exterior, so long as it’s done correctly eh.

And others may just get some deteriorated rod holes in poured walls so for them, no need to excavate, ya foLLa?

ONE area leaked in basement, see why. House is 60+ yrs old, lady has lived here for most of that time, ONLY 1 area leaked, NOT all the way around the house wienerVILLE
:20 mark,POOL, Bubba scratchy sack
(the neighbor lady and the lady homeowner had NO problem with my words in video, hmm, some are so WEAKLY offended pffttttt)

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