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I spoke to many inspectors during last year’s event. I can safely say that most I spoke to thought the presentation and MC was cheesy.
Having said that, they still respected the man for his accomplishments and most took away ideas that have help them increase their numbers.
I’m going again… But I’m not going for MC, I’m going for the hundreds of inspectors attending and for the hall/bar talks.
I was fortunate enough to shared a room with a platinum member last year. He pays a lot, but his ROI is even bigger. We talked every night and he shared what really worked for him.
I’ve implemented some of what he does and I’ve seen good results so far.
Now, I’m considering becoming a member as I’m about to hire my first inspector employe.
Why, you would ask?
Because although we have a lot of good info off of NACHI and this forum, there is too much BS going on AND I’ll be able to talk to many multi-inspector firms directly and get ideas from them on how to run and multi-inspector business.
You can get coaching anywhere you want on an individual basis. But there, you get coaching from a team, specialised in your field. That’s many different perspectives to look from and see what works best for you.
Just like anything, if you aren’t implementing what you are given/sold, it won’t be worth much.

Will, everyone knows that the best teams are the ones that don’t have a coach. When you know it all, what the heck would you need a coach for?

I listened to his presentation at the recent Vegas convention. Mike has a lot of good ideas, but some of them are horrible and will really harm your business.

Would you care to share some of those please? I was not at the Vegas convention.

Would you mind sharing an example?

Hit the nail right on the head.

If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. Sometimes it is just about thinking outside the box.

I’m guessing that they were not his “ideas” probably came from another member.

I’m not saying that they don’t have some good ideas, I’m saying that I don’t think that Mike actually comes up with his own ideas, he’s just smart enough to make it seem like they are his:mrgreen:

WoW and Yup.

I’ve never attended any of his seminars, the last time I seen him with his britches hikes up to his breasts I thought to myself, “self, this isn’t for me”.

I’ve gone to the 3-Day of secrets 2 or 3 times since 2006, and may go again.

Some stuff is old that you learned in basic sales courses in Insurance, at IBM, or in Car or Real Estate Sales Training classes BUT you forgot about it.

Some was new … Some worked great for the guy out in Florida, New York or California BUT fell it flat on its face out in the midwest (“Show-Me type States”).

You gotta pick & choose what works / don’t work for you in your market.

Many things that impressed the heck out of me AND that I thought would knock their socks off in Kansas or Missouri, just went dead (one of the things I saw other inspectors doing around the country that did go over fantastic in Kansas or in Missouri was:… Position yourself price-wise in the lower 1/3 of inspectors in your area / Then be gentle in your reports … Don’t use alarming words in your reports like PROBLEM, DEFECT, FAILED, NEEDS REPAIR NOW, etc, etc (example … Instead of saying FAILED THERMAL PANES, use a more gentle phrase like CLOUDY GLASS). Use short reports … Stay under 15-18 pages AND try to never use more than maybe 12-15 pictures in a report; provide MANY of the FREE give-aways to the buyers; AND do most of your follow-up marketing to the Realtors. These tips will get you moving UPHILL really fast in most areas.

I guess I’m from the “show me” state of MD and not one of you MC boyz can tell me a single little nugget from, drum roll puhlezze!, " Mike Crows Traveling Medicine Show" Vault of Fantastical Secrets!!!

Cuz there ain’t none… cept for MC makin’ a livin’ offa dis sheit.

I will share one.

When we hire we also train. We charge 10k to learn our systems. If you stay with us for five years you owe nothing. If you leave before and leave the inspection industry, you owe nothing. If you leave us you owe us 2k for every year out of the five you did not stay. We have to protect our systems and want our investment back. Next we tell them if they leave and stay in the inspection business they may not work within 30 miles of our office for five years.

This allows us to hire and train without the worry of training direct competition. So far everyone we presented it to agrees and signs a contract. We learned this from one of Mike Crows groups. I could give you several more about running our business. The cheesy marketing stuff works also.

Here is another example(see attached)

I think Mike is Cheesy as they come and do not really care to listen to him speak either.

Mike, You say you learned this from one of MCs “groups”.
Can you explain that? Was that idea from a work group and not from MC’s Vault for instance?

I learned it from one of Mike’s coaching calls, I could not tell you if it came directly from Mike or some combination of those present at the time. I personally have never been to a “secrets revealed” but my wife has and had nothing but good things to say. Which is why I am going this year.

John, I’m glad you are a follower who is going back for more if that works for you.
It sounds like the main value to many is that his events bring inspectors together to discuss and work through ideas.
Thats always a good thing IMHO.

It’s just the MC junk that surrounds it all that is offputting to me. Thats just a magic show to distract the rubes while their wallets are getting jacked.

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I agree the issues are very simple.

1 as other have stated, he pushes you as any good coach should do and many need that, even me at times.

2 it is a safe environment, I can not have the same conversations here or with my local inspectors or obvious reasons.

3 You can get up to speed quickly by looking at his “secrets” and asking pointed questions to any in the group.

4 there is a system in place to give you the information if you could not attend so you miss nothing.

Here the big fat truth, I leave more behind than I take because I do not have time for it or I just do not always agree with it.

Luckily, I am smart enough to realize that in something everyone is my master and in that I may learn form them.

Thanks John, I really appreciate your clarity and forthrightness.:smiley:

Hey Nate, whats your cut???

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