You might want to watch this video,'Mike Holmes plz help'

Young couple in Alberta Canada bought home that had a finished basement.
They say, no problem, no defects were disclosed and they did have the home inspected.

1:25 the basement, the problems

1:45 what the basement looked like on move-in day

1:50 what the basement looks like now… horizontal cracks, step cracks etc. Notice the horizontal crack at the TOP of the first block from basement floor

2:05 basement bedroom/office, same problems–exterior cracks in basement walls

2:30 a closer view

3:05 ‘Yes we had a home inspection…’ Right. They would not have been able to see the wall cracks etc but, I bet anyone there were at least some visible exterior cracks they should have noticed, written up, informed couple about. You can often see the TOP of vertical and step cracks on the outside, oh yes you can. Sometimes the TOP of those cracks were ‘patched, tuckpointed’ etc, still need to point that out and inform a potential buyer that the patched areas are quite likely the TOPS of cracks in basement walls.

3:15 had contractors come out. Hey lool, that WOOD does nothing in regards to keeping a basement wall in place

3:40 she says, ‘shifted off it’s footing’. No. the wall above the first course of blocks has pushed in, shifted in, likely due to lateral soil pressure and-or underground tree roots etc. Has ZERO to do with the footing.

4:35 again, who told this couple or, where did they get the idea that wood, 4 x 6’s can/are supposed to, ‘support’ a foundation wall.

5:05 bathroom, same issues

5:20 ‘weird drywall patch’

6:10 contractor remedies, one was an interior basement system, same old nonsense!!!

6:45 another contractor gave them an estimate of $77,000 that included…yep, an interior basement system… lool oh man, the morons are everywhere including Alberta CA. Pretty much already knew that because, there’s at least 1 nachi inspector up in Canada-land who is several sandwiches short of a picnic and also thinks interior basement systems are fine!

Say again, anyone who buys a house that has a finished basement, watch out, be careful! This isn’t the only house in Alberta or Canada or U S A etc that has a finished basement and has 1++ cracks in the foundation walls. There’s some risk when you buy a house w/a finished basement, just saying.

At least some of those defects aka, cracks in foundation walls and leaks, have been there/existed for YEARS, well before this couple bought it!

5:41 - hey look - I can put my hand thru the wall

Totally criminal IMO, those poor nice newly weds.

Thanks for posting this injustice.

Yes sir! We see what happened to this couple, quite a bit, varying degrees of problems/cracks & leaks but see it pretty often whether the basement is finished or not. ometimes the walls were recently patched and then painted over with Drylok or other crap. All of them are injustices and criminal. Some just not as widespread and costly like this couple.

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Holy cow, that is insane. They should be going after the developer for sure. They made the mess and should be held liable.

Yes sir Greg.

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thank you!

On the heels on the first video, couple in Alberta that bought a house with a finished basement that had multiple cracks in the foundation walls…

Another… finished basement that HID multiple cracks in the foundation walls.
Buying a previously FLIPPED home…

1:05 the 2nd homeowner with 3 kids

1:15 3 months after they moved in, water in basement

…when they ripped out the soggy sheetrock they discovered a disaster that was covered up by flippy duh flipper

and how about a deck that umm, sways in the wind, what a feature.