Mike Named 2012 Building Safety Month Honorary Ambassador

"The International Code Council Foundation® (ICC Foundation) announced today that Mike Holmes, Canada’s most trusted contractor and HGTV celebrity, will serve as the 2012 Honorary Ambassador for the 32nd annual Building Safety Monthin May. Holmes was chosen as the voice of Building Safety Month because of his longstanding commitment to building safety, sustainability and his success in raising public consciousness with his “Build It Right” and “Make it Right” messages.


Let’s Make It Right. :mrgreen::wink:

will he be wearing a cape

With the introduction, you would almost think so, wouldn’t you.
Amazing how publicity can creep in to areas of clout and you make more money at it. :):wink:

Yes I saw that Marcel and laughed so hard thinking about his HGTV show and all the safety he put into that. Not!

“BREAKING NEWS: Having learned that the ICC Foundation selecting him as its 2012 Honorary Ambassador was actually the Idiot Canadian Contractors (ICC) Foundation, Mr. Holmes declined the “honor”.”

**Mike Holmes, Building Safety Month **
[FONT=Tahoma]Honorary Ambassador[/FONT]
Mike Holmes, HGTV celebrity and trusted contractor, is lending his support to the campaign as 2012 Building Safety Month Honorary Ambassador. Holmes will kick off the campaign on April 27 with a media tour for television and radio morning shows passing along safety tips and advocating for strong, enforceable codes and a well-trained workforce.
Holmes will host a Building Safety Month chat session on www.makeitright.ca](http://pro.launchmailerpro.com/t/25467/24005484/742538/0/) on Thursday, May 10, reinforcing the strong codes save lives message and answering consumer questions via social media. Holmes will also be featured in a PSA that will be available for download the first week of May.

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