Misc electrical questions.

What are your thoughts about a receptacle directly behind a woodburning stove. At my brothers home the covers melted and where missing.

Also there was no switch controlled receptacle or overhead light at the garage service door entry to the living room. There was also the lack of one in the family room as well.


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Is this a “zero clearance” stove? If so, there should be no big issues with the outlet, from a safety standpoint. That said, I would also look at the use and proximity of cords, and what the local codes are saying. IMHO. Lots of stoves where I’m at and safety is on most everyone’s minds. Three fires already this season from woodstove misuse.
Lots of luck.

Are you saying there is no light or switch controlled receptacle at all in these rooms or that there is no three way switch at these entrances?

There is no switch at the rooms and door to control a light.

Walk into garage door entry trip on furniture and crack head open.

I would ask for the permits to the installation of wood burning stove - it looks like an addition. That being said, how many of you have see outlets on the wall behind the stove. Unfortunately there is no code for stupidity.

William…was it the comic named Mr.WHITE who had the line…“You can’t fix stupid”…:wink:

However I suspect you are right…the plug was probably their first…if the stove has proper clearance…thats really about all that you can do is comment on it…so your client is aware of it…

But in the comment where the person said the stove was melting the plates…not sure who said it…that would be an issue of improper space requirements for the stove…but again chances are a DIY install and all CODE was thrown out the window.

NEC 210.70 (A-C) All habitable rooms and attached garages are required to have at least one light or switch controlled receptacle. The articles also include many other areas as well.