Missing .php file

Just got a new desktop PC, downloaded latest release of HG. When I go to upload the report, I get an error stating that it cannot find “general-summary.php”, and the report has no summary.

When I upload from my laptop, it works fine from the “older” version of HG.

Any ideas?


Desktop PC version loaded
Laptop PC version loaded

Did you call Homegauge? I wonder if you can the missing file on the laptop and copy it over to the new desk top .

If you are using HomeGauge 5.2 and restored some 5.1 files on top of it, you will just want to run the 5.2 installer again and it should fix the issue with the summary. Doing the restore settings on your 5.2 with 5.1 files will break some things. So, after you have run the 5.2 installer again, you should be all set, and you may want to run the backup at that point to lock in a good 5.2 backup so this won’t happen again in the future.

Thanks Russell