Missouri Licensing Bill Grandfathers NACHI Members

No…this is not another April Fools joke and …no…I am not supporting this bill, but it is noteworthy that for the third year in a row, Mr. Parson included wording in his bill that provides for a very generous grandfathering clause.

So did last year’s bill…and the bill before.

And the effect that it has is quite amazing.

Home inspectors who think they will be “grandfathered” and will not have to comply with the requirements remain silent and let the bill run its course.

Then, at the public hearing (as he has done for the last two years), he removes any mention of NACHI at the insistence of the ASHI presidents who appear at the hearing in support of it. Last year, he removed the entire grandfathering provision, totally.

He can do that…and he does it…right when it is too late for all the guys who laid back thinking that the law would not affect them to do anything.

But…for the moment…we can read this bill and point to it as if the State of Missouri is providing equal recognition to all home inspection associations…including NACHI.

Just remember…this clause has never made it past the public hearing, and its been in every bill. Do not be fooled into laying back and thinking that this bill will not affect you, for it will…dramatically.

You can read the entire bill … to include the (temporary) grandfathering clause…at website for The Alliance of Missouri Home Inspectors.

As founder of the world’s largest inspection organization, I’m pleased to learn that InterNACHI members are grandfathered, but am personally opposed to governments requiring membership in private trade associations like InterNACHI.

Nick -

Not to worry, Parsons always consults with the 3 ASHI groups (St. Louis, Columbia and Great Pains ASHI in KC) and always changes that clause at his public hearings OR there-abouts.

This is not a NACHI friendly bill, or a bill to protect the consumer. It requires the flawed A$HI test. A$HI is hoping to raise it’s membership numbers here in Missouri with this bill.

I’m just glad I don’t have to sit through class again for no apparent reason. What a waste of time of money. Looks like I’ll be grandfathered.

339.936. Prior to January 1, 2011, the education, training, and experience requirements of sections 335.900 to 339.939 shall be deemed established if the applicant has been an active home inspector for two years prior to January 1, 2010, and:
** (1) Has full membership in good standing with ASHI, NAHI and NACHI; or**

Billy, I thought you performed your first home inspection towards the end of 2008?

No I’ve been performing for more than a few years. A number however was done under a CMI. Actual inspections under my own company name is still realitive small.

I hope the A$HI ran board accepts them if this bill goes through.

Accepts what?

Unlike the requirement of having 100 inspections was established to be an inspector, there was no requirement in the bill for what they will call being an active inspector. So this will be left up to the A$HI ran board to decide. The apprenticeship program is made not only to put money in the pockets of grandfatherin inspectors but to limit competition. So the odds of this board allowing an inspector who only did a few inspections for the first few years is very unlikely. They wrote the bill vague for a reason. Look back on other state’s licensing bill and you will see the same vagueness at the beginning, the unexpecting inspector getting screwed at the end.

Yea I agree with what your trying to say. However I was doing inspections under a CMI weekly for quite some time. Regardless by Jan 1 2010 I’ll have two years under my belt anyways in regards to running my own business. I’ve been in business under STLhomeinspector since the end of 07.

James -

I’m sure in Missouri the Board won’t be dominated by ASHI like in Kansas, nor will it be a stacked deck. Don’t you think it will be a well balanced Board. When they vote that theres ONLY 1 Test or 1 SOP that could possibly determine your qualifications to be a HI - Don’t you think the BoD will be fair (while they’re screwing you)???

Bill…you are obviously new to this.

This verbage for grandfathering has been in every licensing bill introduced by Parson since 2007.

There will be a public hearing on the bill and, on that day…presumably, the day it is released from committee and sent to the floor for a vote, if they approve…he has deleted the grandfathering clause.

New guys like you see it and say “it doesn’t affect me” so they stay quiet. Then, when it is too late for you to object…as he did in 2007 and again last year…the grandfathering clause is gone.

In Missouri…they don’t even use the good ol’ KY, Billy. It’s dry…and it hurts.

Secondly…you live in Illinois. There is no grandfathering provisions for out of state … just in state. You don’t even get the privilege of being raped like the newby in Missouri thinking he’s grandfathered.:smiley:

So your telling me I’m going to have to sit through 80 more hours of in house school then do ride alongs before I get a license even though I’ve been doing home inspections in MO for sometime now just because I live five mins across the border?

If this law passes…you and many others. At least you will have company.:smiley:

As an ASHI member, I can share with you that the ASHI leadership who is pushing this bill is selling it by showing ASHI members how much money they will make by taking along a couple of newbies for $100 per inspection.

Then…(this is my observation, not theirs)…I can advertise an inspection for $150 to undercut my competitor to get more jobs…and still make $350 per inspection.

Anyone thinking these “ride-alongs” are free is crazy.

Where does it say I have to be living in MO in order to qualify for the grandfather clause? I don’t see it in the bill.

What about Chris he lives in IL. Your saying he will have to do ride alongs and 80 hrs as well even though he’s been doing inspections in STL well over two years just because he lives in IL? I can see this heading to court for some if it does indeed pass and only allows the grandfather to take effect on those residing inside MO.


With all this effort to eliminate their competition, I’m sure the old boys on the licensing board will open their arms and welcome out of state folks without licenses. Get real, Bill.

Missouri laws apply to Missouri citizens…and no one is going to make a Missouri newby pay a mentor and let an Illinois newby in for free.

Have you joined TAMHI, yet? If not, go to www.tamhi.org and get yourself in the fight.

And again…Bill…this same grandfathering clause has been in every law…and after the public hearing, it has been removed from the bill or tremendously changed. 2007, they took NACHI out of the bill at ASHI’s insistence. In 2008, he dropped the entire grandfathering clause at the hearing…saying what is fair for some is fair for all.

In either case, Bill…you will not be grandfathered. You will help us fight this bill, or you will have a choice of licensing in your own state or ours.

Oh…and if the board passes a reciprocating license provision (all autonomy rests with the board, by the way, to do whatever they want any way they want) Chris, holding a license in Illinois, may have his accepted in Missouri.

You…not holding a license anywhere…will have to meet the same standard that a Missouri inspector would.

Grandfathering will not be an option for you under this law, Bill. Feel free to contact the bill’s author, Mike Parson ® of Bolivar, MO. His email can be obtained from our link.