ASHI trickery in Missouri

I was told by John Kurtz, a Kansas City ASHI member, that he was not allowed into a supposed open meeting discussing next year’s home inspection legislation, held in Columbia, Missouri. A St. Louis A$HI member, Harry Morrel aka Dirty Harry, told him he was not allowed to stay at this meeting even though he was invited. John drove all the way from Kansas City to be at that this meeting. It is obvious that A$HI does not want other ASHI members, such as John who has opposing views, voice their opinions.
Dirty Harry, you need to make it clear your supposed open meetings are not for home inspectors who oppose licensing (which most home inspectors in Missouri do oppose home inspector licensing.)
Shame on you, Dirty Harry. -X

and why would anyone affiliated with A*** be of any concern?

A few A$HI boys, that are in bed with the Missouri Association of Realtors and most inspection training schools, have been telling Missouri legislators for several years now that they are the voice for all Missouri home inspectors. I just believe they should stop lying, and should be called out whenever they do lie.

The **** Org lacks significance in all markets.
no worries…

The ASHI logo is the inspection industry’s symbol of shame.

LOL. Starting a thread and bad mouthing them on the NACHI message board should teach them a lesson, ya think? I’ll bet they never do that again. :roll:

So I take it you not get invited to the meeting either.:wink: :-({|=

Well, when you compare activity levels with the rest of the industry message boards out there, the InterNACHI message board has basically become the inspection industry message board.

InterNACHI’s website enjoys about 98% of all inspection-related traffic.

Why so little ???

When did my friend Bushart become such a hypocrite anyway?

Actually exposing people such as Dirty and organizations such as A$HI for what they really are works quite well on this message board. I have gotten numerous people over the years begging for me to stop posting because they do not want the truth to be told. This message board is the only free speech in the industry.


Another truth to be told is;

Dirty Harry’s organization called MAHI supposed name is Missouri Alliance of Home Inspectors is really Missouri ASHI Home Inspectors. There is not a single nonmember of A$HI belonging to MAHI.

LOL. Have fun, guys. Don’t be too tough on them, though. I don’t think they can take too many nasty posts. You might hurt their feelings or something.:smiley:

You are so wrong, Bushart. If they had feelings they would not be pushing home inspector licensing. Licensing will not only harm all inspectors but harm all consumers in Missouri. Home inspector licensing will give the consumer the false security that they are hiring a competent inspector, but they do not realize the standard for licensing is less then what a certified InterNACHI or NAHI inspector is now. Sad but true.

Wow. Another one or two crushing criticisms like that and you will have them too afraid to push any more of their licensing bills. Keep up the good work. I think you have them on the run.:wink:

More then anything you have done lately, Bushart. Whenever you get your balls back let us Missouri inspectors know. Any inspector is welcomed to fight for their livelyhood and the consumers.

I will let you know nothing. You haven’t the spine for it. Keep up with what you are doing, though. It’s a great diversion.:wink:

Go ahead and lead your one inspector crusade, I wish you all the luck.

I will continue to do just that. Thanks.