Mobile/Manufactured Homes

Is there a specific insurance form for reporting the inspection of mobile home wind tie downs? When I perform a mobile/manufactured home inspection I usually just note whether or not the tie downs are present and if they are in compliance.

However, I recently had a customer request a Wind Mitigation on a mobile home with specific attention to the tie downs. I am a little confused as to what to do.



Only an engineer can truly say they are in compliance.

Wind mitigation inspections are not valid on mobile homes. Tie-down inspections are for the lender, and are signed by an engineering firm.

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Does anyone know where I can get a mobile home inspection form? Have recently become certified due to the number of calls I have been receiving for this. But I am having trouble finding an inspection form. The software i use for home inspections does not have one for mobile homes

Do it the same as you would for a home with crawlspace. Just tell them it a manufactured home… Double, single triple wide.

Thanks Roy, I appreciate the help.