Mold & Air Quality Inspection

I have been thinking about adding on “Mold & Air Quality” inspections. What do most of you think about this? Type of equipment? Range of fee for service?


Jim Connelly
St. James Home Services, Inc
Durham, NC 27712

I added it as a service. For air sampling I charge $325 for 3 samples ($75 each additional). For surface mold 2 samples $165 additional $75/per. I don’t do a lot of them but just one job paid for the air pump. I bought a Zefon air pump kit. It looks professional. Nachi sells a pump that looks like it came from Walmart.

I recently became IAC2 certified. I too got the Zefon pump kit. I charge $250 for 2 air samples, $65 per after. Same for slide or swab. Find it to be a valuable ancillary service that is important here in Florida.