TEI needs qualified Nachi inspectors with General, Building or Res

Thomas Enterprising, Inc is a Wind Certification Entity now participating in the Inspection Depot program to provide qualified inspectors.

We are currently looking to add inspectors to our roster.

If you are a licensed General, Building, or Residential contractor we would like to talk with you regarding a position.

Insurance Requirements
1 Million GL
1 Million Auto
$10K Dishonesty Bond

We appreciate are our inspectors and will do everything we can to make the work worthwhile. Do not miss out on this chance to gain experience as a re-inspector.


Hello Thomas,

Let me be the first to ask.

What is the compensation package?

What amount of money are you offering to attract such qualified personel?

$50 / inspection for a basic wind mitigation inspection. There are other types of inspections that have different pricing.

The largest volume of inspections will be in the coastal regions of the state.
We do anticipate a large number of inspections.

Is that for a Citizens re inspection?


I believe it is. Chris contacted me today. He does seem to be a nice guy and likely pretty decent to work for. I am not interested at this time due to the prices being paid. He seemed straightforward and honest.

Yes, many of these will be re-inspections.

I’m not sure how I feel about the prices. Lots of IF’s…

If I’m just verifing the original inspection or finding the reason it should be rejected, thats one thing.

If I’m replacing the original inspection and assuming the liability, I don’t know.

Little money and lot of liability.

Sorry Thomas,

I should have posed this as a question.

I have personally talked with Chris and his brother Cody, both very nice to deal with. They are my competition, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

You will not see me going out for $50 bucks. Thats a Joke. I dont leave the house for less than $150.00. Times are tough if you see contractors driving around doing these for that little.

Q: Am I just verifing the original inspection or finding the reason it should be rejected or am I replacing the original inspection and assuming the liability.

A: For the re-inspection all items will be verified with photos. As the inspector you will sign off that the features do exist. Our QA department will verify and sign off on your inspections if your photographs support the data.

I am not sure why the liability seems to be the hangup. We have completed tens of thousands of these inspections without any issue. In addition we carry a blanket PL policy covering our inspectors.


I am offering $55/inspection to contractors who are experienced inspectors and NACHI members. $50/inspection otherwise.

RU Kidding Me…Contact the client, schedule an appointment, snap the shots, redo the forms, all that for 50 bucks. Sorry but the price is inadequate and its apparent to me that someone bid way to low… Good luck.

Are you offering inspections to professional engineers as well?

How many inspections are we talking about?

Solidarity! If only we could ALL stick together and refuse to work for these monopolies for such low fees, we could break free from these chains that bind us to the bottom.

You’d have to be standing on a street corner with a sign around your neck “Why Lie, I need a Beer” to be crawling through attic’s in Florida anytime of the year let alone Summer for $50.00 bucks a pop taking pictures and documenting ANYTHING in writing too boot—:shock:

That would be an insult if I lived in Florida and someone had the nerve to ask people to do these Bizarre inspections for less than chicken-feed—:twisted:

Sad but true.- and many will line up for their feed.

Thank you for your feedback.

General, Building, Residential Certified Contractors, Architects, Engineers, and Building Officials all can participate.

South East Florida will be the busiest area for this program. Our goal is to provide as many inspections as possible to our inspectors but many things are not yet defined. What are are you looking to work in?