Move over Ronald Reagan... Sarah Palin, the Great Communicator.


Wow Wow!!!

She Pulled It Off, The Race Is On And The Gloves Are Off.

I think you have part of that wrong. This race is over. There may be hope for this country after all.

Watched the CNN staffers, including Wolf Blitzer, nearly speachless after her address. All admitted that Palin hit it out of the park.

The gloves ARE off. She connected.

Great delivery.

I must admit that the actress -model reads a mean teleprompter.

I can’t wait for Obama to take off his gloves, as blood has been drawn.

Obama’s scared of blood!


I think you guys put blood in the streets right after she was named as the next VP. As a matter of fact all of you hit below the belt with the attacks on her family.

A bit of an understatement, Nick!

Well said, Greg.

I don’t think Obama has any gloves. His staff and the MSM carry them so he has “plausible deniability” (A famous one from the Richard Nixon era).

He may not hit a lady, but I bet he kicks McCain.
This is the Repubs night, but by neext week it will be about the issues, and I counted many false hoods.

Whats he gonna do? Show us how to “organize” something? lol

Her delivery was the best I’ve ever seen. Americans are going to love her. I do.

Like it or not he got a 8 point bump as of today.
Gallop poll shows him at 50% vs 42% for McCain.

Should be interesting to find how much of a bump McCain gets


Just as soon as you admit how corrupt Demoocrat politics and strong-arm tactics are in your Chicago, I may actually attempt to take your inane posts with slightly more than a grain of salt.

Your posts are asenine and mean-spirited, as have most Democrat quotes and quips of these past few days.

As Shakespeare said, “I think he doth protest too much”.

And speaking of talking heads, let’s see how Obama Yo Mama does when not controlling the questions, or having 300 advisors putting words in his mouth.

Unless there’s a string going from Obama’s jaw through his ***, with the string being controlled by Joe Biden, he will likely come off as the community organizer he is.

Obama is the ultimate talking head. Please list a single accomplishment of Mr. Obama, other than running a successful campaign.

I am taking nothing away from Joe Biden. Let’s stick to Obama’s experience and accomplishments. Please list one.

Just one.

How about showing just how racist your statement of Yo mama is.
Did you spend all night on it.?

I guess that means he can’t list one.

I’m telling you, she is going to be President one day. She won me over. Earlier today I was posting goofy disrespectful pictures of her. Tomorrow I’m ordering a Palin for President T shirt.

What is the most common thing you hear from a black person when they know that they are wrong?

That you are a racist.

You need to order a bunch of them.

That’s the typical, after the convention spike that happens everytime. It’s happened in the past, it happened now and it will in the future. Then the same happens for the other party. That punee 8% will be gone in a few days!