Thinking about becoming a home inspector but I have a question about training

Ok, I have done a ton of research on this but can’t find the answer. I will start my training classes in Orlando but will moving to Connecticut in about 10 months. Connecticut requires 100 inspections before you are certified. My question is will my inspections transfer from florida or will I need to start over? Thanks a bunch guys and gals…Ben

If you take your courses from InterNACHI, they are approved in both Florida and Connecticut, so you can move to Connecticut without having to repeat the courses.

Both Florida and Connecticut approve InterNACHI’s courses for pre-licensing.

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I’m sorry, I understand my classes will transfer but in Connecticut you are required to be an “apprentice” for 100 inspections before you are an inspector. So if I do 50 inspections n florida will the transfer to Connecticut ?

I understand but will my inspections transfer? So let’s say I do 50 inspections in Florida will they transfer to Connecticut where they require 100 inspections before you are an inspector?

CT will tell you that they won’t (technically)… but I can get them to accept them for you.

Great idea getting out of this totally overly saturated market. What is your life experience that has made you choose home inspector as you profession. I always like to ask new guys why they think they will make good ones and what their experience is. Best of luck to you.

You have already proven yourself to be smart by getting the hell out of here :slight_smile:

Another great thing about where you are going is there currently is only 72 CMI’s there. Bust your a s s become one as soon as you qualify to stand above the rest. you will never regret it.

There was only around 80 when I earned my title sadly now there are 99 in my State :frowning: I must compete against.

There is no better way to stand above the rest in the sorry a s s States that have implemented licensing. Those States have essentially made all with the stupid piece of paper worth the same fee in the clients eye.

Becoming a CMI is something that even the dimmest bulb in the box can understand to mean you are among the best of the best. It helps me even get more money for standardized insurance inspections that the State has allowed even trained monkeys to do but when I tell clients I am a CMI it allows me to have a reason to charge more. Does not work every time but some times are way better than why should I pay you more than Joe Blowme he is licensed just like you.

Hey are you related to Kent Wiseman out of Palatka, Florida?

I have a construction background. I have flipped a few homes, property rentals, etc… My wife will be making some serious $$$ in Connecticut which means I’ll have time to work on building clientele. I know this is probably asked a bunch but is it an over saturated market? Like realtors? Can one still be succesful at it if you bust ***?

Over sated here but if you bust your a s s you can almost always be successful. Good Luck. Stick with flipping homes if you ask me :slight_smile:

Hey Nick:
I’m curious how do you get CT to accept the inspections from another state. Email me some info - I would like to be licensed in Ct also, but haven because of the hurdles.