Mr. Greg Bell I apologize

Greg, I was just thinking of my trip to New Port Richey to listen to people talk and it came to me that if we would have just listened to you a couple of years ago we would not be at this poor juncture we are at.

You wanted to have senior people volunteer and administer the test and take the proceeds to hire a lobbyist to advance our needs and profession as a whole. We did not do that, and I am sorry for that, and I am part of the blame because I did not voice an opinion and was actually not that involved in our organzation.

I think a good estimate would be at LEAST $75,000 in an account for a lobbyist. That’s minus all the BS and supplies and STILL have AT LEAST $75,000. I did not hear your plea for help back then and I apologize.

I do know that in the past few weeks that you have been the lead for the Melbourne chapter of INACHI, I have received more updates, more dialogue and more input than I have in the past 6 months from our INACHI COALITION representative. For that, I thank you and I am in your debt.

You have made a good contact and friend with Steve Taylor who also has the same direction and goals. You are leading us in the right direction and keep leading while working in a busy inspection company, trying to improve your company and taking on different avenues to expand and YET you still take the time to help us ALL (FLORIDA) members out, just out of the good will of your heart. I cannot say thank - you enough and for that you have my support both professionally and financially towards making the Florida Inspection Industry the standard for the country!

Once again thanks and I wish I would have listened sooner…


Thanks Russell,

Lets make Friday a new beginning for the Florida Inspection Industry. Lets focus on moving forward and leave the past behind us.

I do feel that we are on the right path and have more people willing to help than ever before.

Nicely worded

I’m sorry Russell, I just found that one line very funny!

Great idea Greg, and it would be even better if we can encourage more people to show up Friday so we can stay focused on what’s important and to stop acting like the Hatfields and McCoys.

At that time I did not voice my opinion or views. But since the present “leadership” of Florida finds that people do not see eye to eye with their personal agenda, all of a sudden its an issue.

I was told 6 months ago that we would be represented and to this date I have really gotten nothing. As far as I am concerned FL NACHI has done a ton more harm than good to the Florida Inspector Community.

So laugh away, the lack of care, response and keeping inspectors informed is what has brought us to this point. FL NACHI is the cause for this division. So laugh away…I bet you will not be laughing in a few months…

The purpose for the existence of FL NACHI expires along with grandfathering on March 1st… Or, have they figured out another way to line their pockets with new scheme?

FL NACHI not only does not represent me, I was denied membership.

Denied membership?

I was denied because I did not need the test. This was to preserve, for licensing, “a proctored test is required for membership”.

I can not blame that on them it is a technicality of licensure.

They should change their requirements of a FL license or proctored test.

Same here.

Joe was never denied anything. No one was.

You were never denied anything and you know it.

I was told by Nick that I couldn’t join without taking a proctored exam, although I had already had passed one… The NHIE, but that didn’t matter to anyone. For the record… FL NACHI did not represent me nor were they integral in my obtaining a Florida home inspectors license.

Joe, you weren’t really “denied membership” in Florida InterNACHI … you simply didn’t qualify. Florida InterNACHI doesn’t use the NHIE.

You also can’t join InterNACHI with the NHIE, because we don’t use it either.

The NHIE is not a membership requirement.

Something to think about after the grandfathering clause for licensing expires. And since everyone after grandfathering will be required by the state to take the NHIE to get their license regardless of what organization they belong to, then the FL NACHI proctored exam may be a moot point.
The question then is, since the other organizations will still require the NHIE for membership and NACHI does not, should we keep the proctored exam in place to keep the other organizations from constantly bringing up that NACHI does not require a proctored exam to join? Does it give us the credibility we need in Florida?

I find it very doubtful that FL NACHI has any creditability left to loose. Everyone sees it for exactly what it is. :roll:

Maybe I’ve been missing something but I don’t understand all the animosity toward FLNACHI. The organization was created for one purpose, to make it easier for InterNACHI members to meet the requirements for a license under the grandfathering provision. They didn’t set those requirements, they just helped members meet them. In that they did a very good job.

I joined because it was easier than packing up all those inspection reports (yeah you don’t need them now but you did initially) and sending them to Tallahassee. They also made it easier fro me to continue doing mold inspections.

Now that the grandfathering is almost over, the main reason it was created will be gone. What happens to it then will depend on whether a new purpose can be found and if it will receive support from the InterNACHI members in the state. I think it could be a good organization and do a lot of good for the inspectors if everyone would support it and help aim it in a new direction.

I for one think that Zoe did a very good job of taking on the challenge and making it work.

Scott, what are you talking about? InterNACHI still requires passing a proctored exam after licensing goes into effect. See 1.10 of

Gotta love it!

I do understand people defending FLNACHI and can see why. For me, I defend those who have the industries best interest at heart and FLNACHI is NOT it. It is the largest Florida inspection organization that does the absolute LEAST, except collect money for scam exams where everyone passes (well 99%).

All of sudden they NOW need money and all of a sudden they have everyones best interest at heart.

I asked 6 months ago and they did NOTHING…I mean NOTHING. Now that Mr. Bell got involved and seen that he and Mr. Taylor has some movement and backing, all of a sudden there is an urgency to get THEIR way. If they would have used a portion of the proceeds they would have the financial backing to have their way.

Seeing how they only have their personal interest at heart as they always have, I would rather back the Blind inspectors of America before I supported them.

Beside Tampa people who else has this organization reached out to? Besides getting about 1500 people licensed and flooding our market with unprofessional people what else have you done? Besides NO ONE knowing what goes on at the coalition meetings what else has been accomplished? You tell me all the great things that you have done AFTER they are accomplished. YOU got us to do wind mits, YOU got us to do this and that…hell I can claim that as well. I GOT us approved to do wind mits or John ShiShilla did, he met the the Governor, have any of you and if so what did you tell him?

You seem to want to 'keep me informed" when you need something from me…I will say it again, FLNACHI had their chance to lead and they blew it! They wanted to run autonomously, now they have their chance.

See ya tomorrow…

Not qualified my ***, but since yesterday’s meeting I am extremely thankful that I was never connected with FL NACHI in any way, shape or form, the sooner this pox is eliminated from Florida landscape the better for every person living in Florida. Furthermore, I hope the authorities investigate the practices of this organization.